I guess life chose me after all. And God doesn’t really lie. But people are so hidden and complex. But the good ones want to be simple. I am now calling the sight heartline. It is my direct communication system with my loves. There are tons of people I can think of that I have never had a heartline with. And tons of people that I have. I am noticing that the Green World is about eighty-five percent complete now. But the people around me are still holding onto normal appearances. But my heartline team members say money is getting tighter and tighter for them. Heartline is soft. And life has been so hard. But lately I can see in my heartline just how deliberate it has been on God’s part. Brutally deliberate I used to say. But I don’t really think so anymore. Deliberate and smart and strategic I would say now. Always with love as his and her highest goal. And family. We travel in soul circles. With the good companions and the bad ones. This has been true forever. And our bad companions circle us and bring us down. And our good companions come closer to us with their truths as the world gets gentler on us. You know, it’s hard to tell by looking at person what is really going on with them. Close to impossible really. And bad companions are constantly lying and hiding. And good companions are stopped and scripted and hurt inside. We are the heartline generation. We are the new world. And today we figured out what to do with the people that don’t want to thrive. They want to exist, not be educated. We simply give them a stipend and a house and an easy way to buy a car. That’s so simple. And if they have children, we educate the children completely. To me this feels like one of the final components of a society that works in totality. Because some people will never make an effort to be good. And if they are not going to jail we still have to deal with them. So we take them out of the hospitals and the shelters and the places they house themselves and we support them until they pass on out of our eternal world. And they can have nice life, too. So it’s really no bother to us anymore. We can afford to be generous. I want to tell you something. Today is my shot. I’m going in a few hours. And I still hurt about it. And next week is Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure I spend Thanksgiving with my family because yesterday and the night before I went through a birthing process. And I felt it happening physically. I redesigned some things in my home on my desk. And it is gorgeous. Three birds nests with eggs. And a orchid my son got for me at my request. A little purple statice and some berries in a tiny vase. This must be the truth. That little vase of purple flowers and berries and those pretty nests from Amazon. Like, every moment of my life now. Possibly not the moment when I get my shot. But once again soon thereafter. So what I want to talk about is soon thereafter. Because I have a heartline with God. And Thanksgiving is the time of gathering together as a family. And so is Christmas. God is getting good. She doesn’t even have to speak anymore. That’s torture anyway. I am the goddess now. So, I speak for her. And mostly, her instructions have been in question form. I don’t really need that. To be reminded of what I still haven’t figured out. I know these things when God inspires me to know instead of hearing about them in my head or my sight. Maybe heartline is my new sight because God really is capable of being love now. And love on Thanksgiving or not is still scary like my shot is because I am missing out on something and I am being violated. But heartline doesn’t violate me. 5D does. So, joy like rain. In my heartline. God like love. In my world. People like family. In my senses. And home like nest. In my vision and in my daily world. Because now I have one partially finished home. But I have two more beautiful wren’s nests coming along to me with my sweet, sweet family and these sweet, sweet plans I have made with them and others. You might be one of those others. Well, friend, that sounds nice. A heart. A beautiful heart. That’s you, that’s me, that’s a tall oak tree. That’s a soft whispering pine. And that’s a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. And that’s you and me and a cat named Peanut Butter. Who died, you know, but she didn’t think so. I love. I love. I love. We love. We love. We love. And we live. We live. We live. And we continue to give and give and give. And it is no burden, it is a joy. And then someday we sit down under a tree and look around us and there is nothing in our furthest vision of the things that we can see or in our hearing that is bad or uncomfortable or toxic or ugly. And that is my world. And I have worked hard for it. Harder than you can ever imagine. And I know you have too in your own way. So let’s claim the day once again. It is not yet dawn in Virginia. And I have to get a shot. And my body is very much alone with that invasion of my space. But my heartline grows softer and sweeter. And so does the world. On and on says the moon. So we go on. And I am with you. And you are with me. So all is well. In our sacred nell.