The what and the how

A lot has happened in the past few days and I am still not free. But I am back to work. The lull with family is over. I added a bunch of stuff to my website. It is what has been going on with the sight and the Dalai Lama. Feel free to check it out. The Pan Revolution according to the God that I participate with is starting to get incredibly fly. It is really starting to move in lots of ways. Have you started to participate yet? I haven’t physically, yet I am very busy in the sight and with writing. I have written everything I think you need and I have posted it. But I can not give you specifics. I don’t even have them. This is really up to the Goddess. So if you haven’t joined the movement yet find her. She is totally available to me now and has been for a month or so. I don’t know what she needs to free me. But perhaps she knows. She seems very deliberate. I guess she always has been. She tells me all sorts of things now. Not in a hard way anymore that hurts me, either. Just in this lovely, instinctual communication system she has where I just know what she is saying. Believe me, that has not always been the case. She is really the midwife to the world. She is the most ancient mother. Gaia and Mother Moon. Hawks. There are two of them, really. Twins. Calliope and Lakshmi or Kali Ma. I also work with White Wolf who is Thomas Jefferson and the Arch Angel Michael who is Michelangelo. That’s about it. But it is mostly the goddesses. Did you know houses are conscious? They are made of trees. I can’t find much in nature that is not conscious. Everything has a voice and it can speak. This is the story I was told by the ancestors the week I went to the hospital in 2018 when all this isolation and withdrawal from the world began in earnest. I don’t have much to say, really. I’ve updated you on my pages here. Go in and find God. And I will keep doing the same. Things are getting so pronounced now in what people tell me is going on and what I am asked to do for my work that something is certainly starting to change. I get my shot on Friday. Let’s just see. Today is only Monday. I can do nothing but what I am asked and a whole lot more when I am inspired to do so. I believe I am now actually moving mountains. It seems like it anyway and that is what I am told. Be my mountain and be moved. Look around, look in and keep the movement hidden but be bold. See who is trustworthy. Start a take-it-along chain. Become an activist. Use your ability to know. Trust your instincts. And I will keep going. I do not mind being an activist really. Isn’t activism always hidden from the world? I am not hiding. I keep on sharing. But no one finds me in my body. Only in the goddess sight. I am beyond caring about that. But I still would like to be free. And I am out of food and it is only the beginning of the month. So, I’m hungry. I ordered some ramen noodles. They come tomorrow. I’ll be okay, I know. It’s always the same old circumstances. But I hope yours are changing. I know you can’t tell me. But I know you are out there listening. So I will listen and act, listen and act. Move along the path as best I can as always. It is really wonderful what I hear. And so obnoxious from some of them. Oh well. Read along, friend. Write in your journal and discover and find a way home. I am expecting you for tea thyme soon. That’s our two o’clock rendezvous at one of my houses. Perhaps we will even have a little sake. If you like. The dreams get bigger and the shot remains the same. Alas. We are the earthkeepers. I guess the earth still isn’t quite kept. Let’s keep moving. And we will figure out how to hold her and each other just fine, I know it. You and I are much to pretty to be held back. We have got a lot of things going on. I went through my books in the last two days. I have written volumes. And it is a fabulous plan. The goddess certainly supports it. It is only love and beauty. She knows what that means perfectly well. And so do I. Fly. Fly. Fly. Please, oh sacred mother, let me spread my wings a fly out of this reiki world and into the real world. I am so grateful, really, for language. It really is a dancing butterfly and a eagle flying above the houses on my street. So, read, and I will go back to work. And we’ll have tea soon enough, love. She can’t expect us to wait forever anymore. And too much is starting to appear to do. My children must be almost free. And so must yours. We have passed into the new year. New times are calling. I will continue to let myself be called. Thanks, I will keep you posted.