Immediate Action Required for Green Mason Activists

I have posted so much information on my website. All kinds of people have asked questions and given input. I am done for a while. We have one million green mason activists all over the United States of America and we don’t know how many in other countries. But we need help from you if you are one of us. If you have joined the tribe and you are available please follow these instructions and be a pass it along. Below is a written statement that you can cut and paste and design with pretty fonts and a picture of your choice to make a flyer. You then copy the flyer and distribute it country wide to people’s mailboxes in your home community. There are billions of regular people that want better for themselves and their children and the whole entire world but we can not access them through the media, the churches, the businesses or the internet. We are blocked. If this calls to you gather a team together and begin your work. Door to door without knocking, like a political campaign. This is the green revolution. It is the Time of the Awakened Heart. We are the One World Wellness Tribe. Let’s join forces to get everyone that is a good and kind, man or woman involved in the movement for justice and belonging and beauty that we are so committed to. You have the power to change the world right now.

Cut and paste and add a picture to make a flyer and distribute in mailboxes in green mason activist teams in your home town or city. We are ready to begin and we can’t let anyone stop us anymore. It is our time to move. And not a second too late.

Here you go, my lovely green wren. Here is your pen:

Time of the Awakened Heart for this Beautiful Green World

Have you noticed that the weather is changing? Did you notice the trees and the mountains and the flowers last spring? Something magical is happening all around the world. And this is from the Dalai Lama. He is the kind father that we have always needed him to be and his passion for education and beauty and justice has grown strong. He wants you to thrive. He wants you and your family to have a beautiful life among pretty things like colored rocks and vases of flowers and an education and profession that thrills you and inspires you every moment no matter your age or life experience. He includes every good and kind-hearted person in his loving vision for the world. And he is ready to move. He has a friend named Beth Gager. And she is a writer and a wellness coach. She has written everything you need to know on her website to be well. Her website is a book called Life Roots…Meditations for Rooted Living. It is full of information about how to thrive and know joy and beauty and belonging. She is Jane Kringle, Santa’s helper. And Santa Claus is God. She calls this is the Thrive Revolution. The Living Economy Solution. The Spry Evolution. You too can be spry. You can thrive. You can fly on rainbow colored wings. We want you to shine like a moonlit sea. Everything you need has been developed for you in the past two years since Joe Biden became president. But it has all been hidden. And we have been blocked in lots of ways. But now we are ready to come out and shine by your side. Reach out your hand to the people that love life and beauty and goodness by reading Beth Gager’s website. Then you will know what to do. God is moving in our world. And it is lovely like the warmest sun. So, put down your old habits and your fears and your trauma and your boredom and join us in the new consciousness world of the Pan Revolution. We welcome you. And we love you desperately. And you are expected and necessary. Take a risk. You won’t be sorry. This is our time. And we are ready to claim it. Blessings to you and your children from the One World Wellness Tribe. Wellness is our way. We follow the beauty way. We are green men and women. And we love to thrive and be joyful. Do you?