Altar Story

We are developing a world altar. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Google now shows me that what I have been doing is making an impact. Thank you, team. I am just listening. And wheezing a whole lot. I am taking regular Vitamin C because I think it will do a lot for my cough. And my eyesight that has been so blurry since I was little has been getting clearer and clearer. I have always been told that when I am in the goddess world I will have clear vision. And I have been told that when I do have clear vision I will see Charlie. My vision has gone in and out. In and out. But now it’s pretty clear. If my eyesight clears, I will probably soon be free. The goddess says she turns on a dime. She needs about two hours after everything is done. We must be getting done. Some of my most vulnerable kids and family members are now with the team. This means everything. So I will keep going. And I will watch and listen. I am doing a lot of work still. And I love it. And I am getting tons of input on what people need. So keep looking at this website. Because I keep adding pieces of writing that I am asked for and I keep updating. There is a lot here. And it’s growing as the tribe grows closer to me. We are absolutey doing this. And we are a world tribe. We are so wonderfully green. Glow, little wren. And pick up your pen. Find a new rhyme. And come into thyme. Thyme is sacred. And it belongs to you and me. We are such a sweet, sweet, tweety family.