I am very, very sick right now. My bladder is killing me like a terrible, painful UTI with a lot of blood. I have been bleeding since November 10, 2022 with very little relief. I have a deep, wheezing, hacking cough. I have horrible heartburn. I got a letter saying if I do not make an appointment my mental heath services at the community services board will be discontinued with a number to call of my case manager who I know as a coworker on the same day that I heard from all of you that we are no longer letting staff into the CSB and that we started Wren there. I know they will ask me to get bloodwork and come into the clinic, too. I know I can call and get an appointment with nothing having changed there for the staff, and I know that I am forced to very soon. And I am out of money for the month and out of food again. These are my circumstances. I am asked what I do now. I just said, I think I have to heal my body and go into birth. So, go ahead and keep contacting us. We will respond. But we are shutting down new outreach and old systems in the master field. You might no longer see the ordinary, profane world like I do. The sirens are running right now again for the eighth time in the last few hours and I hear the bad teenagers laughing outside. I got very attacked again today and everyone spun again for hours. Bad words, arguments with people that hate me, my team laughing and attacking me in the sight, peeing all over the place and then a lot of physical pain and discomfort. A lot of automatic not knowing. I am going to keep working for you. But I am not going to try to find anyone else to bring along. I don’t know what you think. You’ll have to tell us. This is a team effort, and for me, the old world rose up today harsh and hard once again after I got real serious and real involved with a lot of very poor, impoverished, religious and traumatized people. And now I have to deal with the world of my harsh circumstances once again by force, not choice. With people that are unchanged for me and still the masters of my life. So, I will see what I do in what time frame for that. Okay?