Spring Shine

The spring is shining like a purple pear
Lovely, lovely in the air.
Holding on to yellow fronds.
Listening to hearts and bonds.
Making sacred justice sing.
Climbing up the faerie ring.
I wish I could sing like her
Every day at peace with gold
But old things rise against me still
Like it seems they always will.
I love, I love
I do, I do.
And I work hard to be the glue
that holds everything together.
But in my mind there's stormy weather.
Alas, it's always up to you.
My friend the little blue wren blue.
Will you come to me at last?
And will you hold my hand real fast?
Injustice shows its face to me.
Sometimes I'm aghast at what I see.
What people to do monetize
the plants, their clients, the sacred hive.
But yesterday the bees were near
Buzzing round the pink quince bush.
A little fly decided to join.
I hope the bees give him the push.
He needs to be not so bad.
Bad people make us really sad.
And quince, oh quince she is so dear
That I can put away my fear.
A golden mountain
A break at dawn
A little wren
A little fawn.
Great nature speaks to lively air
I am the worm on the stair.
Or maybe they are
I'm waiting now for the sun. 
It shall rise
I know it's true
Then God will tell me what to do
We'll have some tea
Perhaps some cake
If I don't die before I wake.