A Rooted Mind After All

I just submitted a new/old book to Amazon for publishing. It is the updated version of A Rooted Mind. I wrote it one month after I got out of the state hospital from the long term throw-away ward in January 2019. It has new chapters and the version of the original book is the one that I wrote before it was edited by the publishing company. It is a paperback and on kindle. This books delves into life as an activist for the Life Roots tribe. I don’t want anybody to be hurt anymore. This book comes five years after I first went back into the system and I am still not yet free to live and thrive with my tribe. Are you? I include animals in my thirst for justice. I want every being to be free. And that includes you and me. I hope you enjoy this new edition of an old book from 2014. I’m still writing, still working, still trying. I keep on keeping on. Maybe you can find me at home some day soon. I truly hope so. And maybe we can finally have that long awaited cup of tea or sake. Love gets stronger and more tangible daily now. But it is like the velveteen rabbit, still not all the way real. I hope to be real soon. As I always have. Enjoy this book. It is for you, my love. You should be able to see it on Amazon by May 3 or 4.