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martha beck life coach

My name is Beth. I like to cultivate joy. I like to say yes to beauty every single day. I love to dance. I love trees.  I love music. I am a mother. I am a coach. I am a writer. I have a house full of pottery and plants. I believe in magic. I believe in roots. I believe in the feeling in my body that tells me when something is right. I believe in following those right things through my roots to the place where joy lives. I believe in the quiet place that lives in my heart.  My journey has been full of unexpected places that I never knew I would go to. I lost everything I thought I was only to find myself again in a way that is so beautiful and lovely that there is nothing to do but share it. I like to write about where I have been and where I have come to. I like to write about what is happening in the world right now in this time of awakening.. I believe in freedom for myself and for everyone. I can feel the world asking us like never before to open ourselves to our own magic. Everything we will ever need is right here with us. Let’s awaken to it together.

You can contact me at arootedmind@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Beth its Wendy we met yesterday. It was so nice to meet you I look forward to us getting to know each other.Thanks for listening to my story.The jewelry is at K Robbins Designs

  2. I love what you stand for. A great inspiration and a big help! It was nice to meet you at VOCAL. I enjoyed the Original Medicine workshop.

    Kind regards,

    Rebecca Byrd

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