An Officer’s Work

An officer’s work is never done if he is a dedicated man of the law. The law is what the community says it is. It is already in place with the Department of Justice. A genuine and valiant officer takes his responsibility seriously. And he is in it for the service. He might have a long family history of valor. Or he might have been brutalized by his father. Or he might just have not known what to do with his life, so he took the only direction he could take. To be a man of the public. The public is now wanting change. We want to thrive. We want to be well. We want to be happy. We are the good people of the world. And we know there is better for everyone that wants to listen to the code. That includes our officers, too. But only if they choose us. They haven’t so far. But we have been afraid to talk to them honestly. Because they hold power tightly. And we don’t. So, if you are an officer reading this, see if you will take the next step. And then the next one. It is all here in this web book. Read along to Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency and find our sacred code of valor in The Resiliency Room. We welcome you home to us if you want to come. This is becoming our world. And we are growing and changing. See if you can change, too. And get on your spry. The world still needs you, but only if you acknowledge it wisely and with the heart of a lion.