A Sacred Action Under Law

To act as an officer you must follow the law. If you know how to follow the law you are an officer already. Because each person has their own basic right under law to be a citizen without question. That is the all-rights premise, and yet now you have the obligation to follow a code of ethics with every choice you make. There are two respected professions in every society. Lawyer and doctor. Becoming a lawyer or a doctor doesn’t mean you are following the law or being good or following a code of ethics. Our standards have been very low and so have our expectations. Doctors follow the money and the research on disease. Lawyers follow the money and the laws on criminal behavior. We at the Department of Justice are of a different breed. We like ethics and we are always responsible for our actions and our deeds. If you want to engage in a sacred action under law you can. Your sacred is shining through, lovey. The listener in you can become the speaker. Deliver your keynote well. We will give you a standing ovation. Send your keynote to the Dalai Lama. Perhaps it will show up in a green mason conference soon.