Community Resilience and Restoration Wellness Initiative

All public and private health organizations and medical practices and businesses and buildings and structures are now under the umbrella of the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice is a team of human rights and all-rights and vocational rights attorneys that oversees every legal entity in the world. The Wren Health Initiative is an all-encompassing international movement of green citizens that choose to be well and thrive. It is not optional. Laws are governing every country that is in the United Nations and The World Health Organization is now under the United States of America. Disease-based practices and substandard public facilities and works have no role in this initiative and are punishable by law when they violate human rights, all-rights and green standards. The principles that are the foundation of this public and private initiative are listed below:

  • Human rights means that every person has unlimited access to universal, classical earth-based education and that they are entitled to world citizenship based upon their choices.
  • All-rights means that every person, plant, animal, tree, river and mountain is protected.
  • Vocational rights means that every business owner and career professional is able to practice their sacred calling when they follow mason law.
  • Beauty rights means that every person, no matter their age is entitled to live in a certain standard of beauty. Our tribe follows the beauty way. We are capable of deep abundance in our world.
  • Houses, lots and commercial properties must meet green standards.
  • Certain industries are no longer needed or allowed.
  • Wren is our wellness philosophy and is our new law.
  • People from all walks of life that choose to follow the green mason code are returning to work and are becoming Wren leaders.
  • As an international green wellness community we communicate through advanced technology.
  • Our continuing education as a tribe makes us the dominant culture and we are achieving critical mass.
  • The Department of Justice is in charge of community programs and individuals and businesses that have not been following a green code of ethics are no longer allowed to remain in positions of power.