Every Man Needs a Team

There is a place in the world for every good man to rest his heart. And this is with his team. A man’s team is the people that he finds to be life giving. We have had to look straight at every single person in our world and let them choose us or not. This is not yet finished. New people come to either join us or complain about our ways every day. It is delightful when they join us. It is painful when they harass us. A team is full of leaders. Owlets, we like to refer to them as. One World Wellness Tribers. Do you know who is on your team? I am, obviously. But I am not a man, like you. So, find the system to thrive that works for you. Move into the right house in the right city in the right neighborhood. Discover your right job and follow your sacred calling wherever it leads you. As a man, you are our sanctuary. I am placing my flower on your altar. Enjoy it, Michael. It is for you, and your team. Invite them in. Safely. And don’t worry so much about the ones you have to disinvite. They can’t stick around forever. It grows boring over time when no one is paying attention. Start a shed line or a mason lodge or find one. Stop being isolated. We need your hands and heart to guide us.