Every Resiliency Roomer and Every Wren Hubster and Every Owlet Needs a Code

We are the world leaders. We have come together to be the masters of our tribe. This means grace. And it also means a code. The world has been without a sacred code forever. What is our sacred code? It is the Resiliency Room statement. When we listen with attention to beauty and we act with intention to thrive we change the world. It has been survival of the fittest. Who is fit according to that system? The ones that bully and overcome and brutalize others. How do we become the fittest? It’s all right here in this book, Life Roots, for us. I write most of it. But I have your help. This is my privilege and my joy and my sacred medicine. I know that you are so special to us that nothing can ever hold you back once you start to get your nutrition, your education and your sense of rightness in. I love you. You are my family. And this code is permanent to me. We sing the world. And she loves to sing us back. The mother will be safe now with her children and her men when we allow for it. So, allow a little more bravery in. Open your activist heart a little wider, my love. I didn’t make up the code. It’s just common sense. We have to be gentle and kind and smart. What else can we do? I am so excited about the new things that I am writing here. Because we seem to have found our sacred doorway now. And when we enter our natural sanctuary with the flowers on the altar we will be together and whole. Whole means thrive. Thrive means spry. Spry means well. We know how to be well. Love well, angel heart. My everything blue body sings the world with yours, Michael. Michael, your everything green body holds my line.