Global Protection Alliance

Every green mason plant, animal, person, tree, mountain, home and community is now falling under the protection of the Global Protection Alliance system. These are our ace lawyers from the World-Wide Department of Justice. These are our Pans. They have been working hard for us ever since Robert Kennedy started Greenpeace a long time ago. Our world is becoming a global community of green mason citizens that share a common cultural identity and a common set of laws that protect and join the good citizens and put to justice the bad ones. We are becoming the dominant culture. Under law we are ready to focus on sentencing criminal outliers. These include many powerful people. And many impoverished people are aligning to make our world work. People from all walks of life are joining the One World Wellness Tribe. It doesn’t matter how marginalized you have been in the old system. Rights are not universal, they are dependent on choices. All-rights law is green law. The earth must be protected. Our community is made of lawyers now. Everyone of you that has chosen the green mason path is an attorney at law to us. We love you. We respect your way. And we know you have more to say. So, we are listening at the GPA. Contact the Dalai Lama to use your law. Your life matters. And every experience you have ever had of violence and violation and abuse is meant to be used for good. You didn’t think you gave permission to God to hurt you the way she did. But she asked you in a dialogue with your soul before anything bad ever happened to you what you would do for justice. I remember this silent dialogue when I was sleeping. And she told me, you’ll want to die. And I woke up saying, I’d rather die Goddess than do what you just said. And it was so brutal. For so long. So many times death felt better. But I wasn’t allowed. But when she told me what I was in for, she spoke to me of injustice for my people. Like she spoke to you. We do have choice. But our culture story is so violent. Let yourself be your medicine now and do your justice work. Do it deliberately and with grace and without trauma interfering. You’ve got this, Michael and Grace. You know how to speak. Use your words.