The 125 Plan

The New Deal for the Green Earth creates a just world where everyone has access to earth-based education and every criminal is held legally responsible for their actions and sentenced according to law. All communities will be green mason communities.

You can sell one home and purchase a new one under this plan. You pay all moving expenses. But you can leave homes furnished and Recycling Stewards will take care of your belongings. You can arrange to recycle automobiles if you want to purchase a new car or truck as described below.

The green world is a technologically advanced world. Green mason activists will be in charge of municipal operations through technology in all cities. Government will not be held by people in the 125 plan system it will be held by the One World Wellness Tribe.

These are the guidelines all communities under the 125 Plan will follow:

  • All communities will be vegetarian as meat stores run out.
  • Libraries will be reinstated as places of cultural learning and educational programming for adults and children.
  • All cars and trucks are funded. All new vehicles are $5000. All vehicles available for purchase are solar. All other vehicles must be made solar. All maintenance is provided at a Certified Green Mason Mechanic. One car or truck per owner. Vehicles are purchased for $125 a month until paid off. Cleaning is up to the owner. Collision insurance is required. New cars are not available until a car is deemed unfit by a Certified Green Mason Mechanic.
  • All education for babies, preschool, elementary and high school is universal and mandatory and also open to all citizens no matter their age and it is called Wren.
  • There are no medical practices except as needed for injury such as burns, cuts and broken limbs. There are no pharmacies. There are no prescriptions. There are no nutritional supplements or herbs. There are no tobacco or marijuana sales. There are no beer or intoxicating alcohol sales when supplies run out.
  • Houses, townhouses, apartments and condominiums are worth $5000 each no matter the size or condition and are rent to own. They can be furnished or unfurnished when they are sold. A home owner pays $125 a month until the house is paid off. One house per adult or legal family unit.
  • All banks are local.
  • There is no such thing as credit and credit is no longer available.
  • People are funded $6200 a month unless they have engaged in criminal activity.
  • People who have engaged in criminal activity are given $3200 a month and relocated to certain cities and towns.
  • People who have engaged in criminal activity are fined up to $1500 a month.
  • All commodities and goods sold and purchased are moving toward green standards and non-green products will be discontinued under new laws.
  • Beauty is a community value and standard upheld by law.
  • Churches are public sanctuaries for lectures, keynotes and community gatherings and events.