The Jail System

All people going to jail will be in self-run prisons that are Level 26 jail systems. There are sixty thousand recently built state hospital jails in the United States. They house approximately five hundred inmates each. There are many other jails and prisons available to us. We know about two million adults will go to prison. This is all psychiatrists because you have all researched on patients without permission and have violated human rights. This is any nurse that researches on patients or commits abortion or illegal surgeries. This is any anti-facist group member, police officer or fireman. This is any black bear practitioner. This is any hemp or supplement dealer or pharmacist who violates the laws of any state or practices research. This is every domestic terrorist and every illegal government worker. This is every computer hacker. All of these criminal activities are considered war crimes. Sentences range from ten years to life in prison. If you have committed criminal acts, you will have the opportunity to work in jail. Roles will be assigned based upon work history. Food stores will be delivered bi-annually. Cleaning, education, prison administration, medical attention and cooking needs will be handled by the prisoners. The only medications provided will be Ibuprofen, Aspirin and Tums. There will be fully functioning libraries. Internet is available by signing up for designated time allotments. Phone banks are provided in the wards. These facilities are run exactly as state hospital facilities are run. The rules remain the same. You can earn $0.75 per week for canteen by going to groups. The clothes you go in with are the clothes you wear. You may take three sets of clothing and one pair of shoes. No cell phones or private computer equipment is allowed. No visitation is allowed. Laundry facilities are available. Personal hygiene products are given out one day at a time. Composition books can be purchased in the canteen. Miniature gel pens are provided. Welcome to my world, peoples.