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About Beth Gager

I am a writer, a coach, an artist, a dancer, a mother and a goddess. I love elephants, trees, manatees, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, wolves, gorillas and watermelon. I have written three books and many blog posts.i love beautiful people and I am blessed to be surrounded by joy.

Our animal friends

We can learn to take care of the earth by watching our friends, the animals. Many of you have had miraculous experiences with creatures of the wild. If not in person, then on instagram. In my backyard I had a bunny, a groundhog, squirrels, hawks, condors, robins, lots of blue jays all of the sudden, and a finch, and three wrens that came right into my house just to say “Hi!” We can hear them talking to us in the sight. But how do we utilize them as our guides for our plantings and our art and our music and our law and our daily routines? We wake up when the birds begin to sing. Around 4:30 am. I think we have to watch something that we cannot yet see. Their movements. The way they speak to the earth and with the earth and with us. We want that flow in our bodies. We want to move with the earth like natural beings. We are natural beings but we’ve been stolen because we spent our lives trapped in ugly cement buildings called schools instead of being outside learning about nature and animals. Most of us know almost nothing of the land. So we need to seek out the ones who do. Farmers of the old ways. All farmers know of the land. But not ranchers really, because their business is to grow animals that never want to participate in being livestock. But plants love to participate in farmer’s lives. So find a way to visit a farm. Or call a farmer. Find a way to talk to a mennonite or an amishman. Be active in seeking out the earth. Go sit by a body of water and watch its currents. Go fly fishing without hooks. Stop and see cows and horses. Sit by the river all day with a picnic. Go to the park and watch the squirrels and feed them peanuts. Decide you are finally going to feed the birds. Just don’t plant anything outside today. Not until you understand the animals’ movements better. It’s ok to plant things inside. I just think we need to reflect a little on our animal friends’ bodies. The moon seems a little off in it’s cycles still and the sun has been colder. But I think that’s all on purpose. So try to base your work in instinct of right now instead of what you always knew. The way I check in with my instincts is by writing the words, “my senses say…” Then I tap into something other than my mind. So you could try that. In fact, I think if you are a farmer you are a writer of the land. So get more education if you need it. Do it when your crops aren’t keeping you so busy. Think about what your gift is along with being an author of the land. Maybe you’re an author. Maybe you’re a lawyer. Maybe you’re an architect. Maybe you’re a nutritionist. Maybe you are even an airline pilot to study the earth from above. The earth is doing really well now. Can you tell? Who will write our real farmer’s almanac? Is it a team effort? Who will coordinate the writing of that important guide book? We like to have our references when there are things we have to study. Go now and study your friends. You have a fun day in store. Plant inside. Putter around the shed. Eat something delicious for lunch. Study your greenhouses. Play around. And really, really listen for the squirrels and the birds. They are your natural timekeepers. Right there in their little furry, feathered bodies. Namaste.

Under the Burgeoning Sky

What if the sky was healed? What if the earth was, too? What if you were perfectly ready to step into your right life? What if we all were? Today? The earth feels ready to me. I feel ready to me. I still have to walk through the lines of time and uncertainty to get home. I don’t feel that uncertain. But things have been a certain way for a long time now. What are you going to do today if you can actually begin your life? I always move so fast. Whenever some little break comes I seize it within a day. And then I kind of regret it. Because I acted on pure instinct. Acting on pure instinct feels powerful when I’m doing it. Then I remember other people’s viewpoints or people give them to me and I get a little lost. I’d like to act on pure instinct today. That means I have not one worry or concern. When I gave birth to my daughter I was acting on pure instinct. When I give birth to anything I act on pure instinct. Today I want to give birth to my new life. What would I do right now if I knew I was about to give birth to joy? I’d be quiet. And I’d pray. Dear God, I feel as if I am about to give birth to my real life. A life where I have a partner, and a beautiful huge home and beautiful things. A life where I am a celebrated author and coach. A life where I am surrounded by friends and my children are held close to me. A life where I am very, very rich. And I spend most of my money on food and beauty. That’s the life you have promised me for so long, God. I feel as if it’s here with me this morning. I’m just a little scared. I don’t know what my partner looks like or sounds like. But I know his coming is the opening to life and love. I know who he is of course, God. I’ve been with him in the sight for twenty years. Especially lately. Do you have any advice for me, God? God says walk through. So I have to walk through. Already there is one thing that is off for today. My son hasn’t gotten up for work yet. And he’s like clockwork. So he either has a later shift or he’s off. So we feel delayed. Anyway, walking through means let it unfold naturally. Don’t try to force, don’t get impatient. Just listen. So I am going to check in with my body right now. I feel movement. I feel like I can trust. I feel like I am safe. Thanks, God. I am burgeoning. Burgeoning with life. Like the birds outside my window. Like the flowers in my yard. Like the trees coming into green now. I have to take it step by step. Safety is the first step. God is all the rest. I’m just going to listen deeply today for what comes. That’s most of what I do anyway. Listen to God as she comes. So, bye for now, sweetie tweet. Wish me luck for a good Come Monday tomorrow.

Love and babies

Our babies choose us. It doesn’t take a sperm and an egg meeting to get pregnant. It takes a baby choosing us. I love my kids. All of them. I have more than I even know about right now because well, I love. Let’s adopt someone today. And let’s get pregnant if we want to. No matter how old we are. Because remember, we’re eternal. And it’s the monocan way to have two sets of babies. If you don’t know your soul mate and your lover yet do a little exercise with me. Even if you think your wife is nice but secretly you know she’s constantly mean to you and your kids. Your kids don’t mind. They are sensible beings. All kids are. Sensitive too. Especially to meanness. So close your eyes. Put your hand up to your mouth. Say, I am now connected to my lover in the sight. Then give your hand a little kiss hello. Then, speak to your best friend in the whole entire world. Really, love. You have angels and you are a cellular being, you can do this. You probably already met them, anyway. And you haven’t really forgotten. Pretty soon you’ll be saying, “Oh you were always my favorite one. I compared everyone I ever met to you!” So let’s talk about your first meeting. Meet for coffee ☕. Keep it casual. Then when you’re ready for a little more see if she will lie down with you. Lie as far away as possible on the bed. Barefoot. Touch her with your toe after you establish hellos if you feel brave enough. Move a little closer? Or not, totally up to you. You can also lie back to back and talk. Hand on hip maybe? Turn around and face her if you are not too shy. That’s about all the advice I have. But if you’re close you can touch bellies under shirts with hands. To kiss, put your mouth next to hers and see what happens. Breathe each other. Join. Exchange life. This is for adults. Not kids. You have to be at least sixteen for a girl and eighteen for a boy to be mature enough to touch. We don’t follow the old old ways anymore of being younger than that. But remember babies can choose you. But they will anyway. But you can figure that out, too. When you are with your partner, ask your baby to come. Ask her or him to tell you when they will be born. They already know. They’ll tell you. So who are you adopting? Kids? Dogs? A cat? An elder? Expand your joy. You have the power to create a family. Today. Just think about it. Think about who you know that needs your care. Care that only you can provide for them. Then, I think you should write. No matter who you are or where you are I think you should write. Because you have thoughts to put to page. So think. Then I think you should make good food. So go to the grocery store and cook lots of stuff. Writing and living makes us hungry. The seasons are starting to change somehow a little. That makes us hungry, too. And it makes us hungry for new foods. If anything is still at all off in you drink iced tea. Black with half and half and green with sugar or agave. Jasmine and earl grey are good. So is chai. I love the teas from mountain rose herbs. I love the three thousand year old black tea🍵 best. If you’re addicted to anything try tropical fruits. Like papaya and mango and coconut. Try bananas. Try whatever you can find that’s exotic. You’re only addicted because you are a sensitive being and there are chemicals in everything. You’re addicted to chemicals. Your medicine is a chemical too. Eat tons of good food, drink tons of iced tea and see how you feel. Everything you take medicine for should normalize on its own. You will feel the difference in your body. It’s iced tea because basically every addiction and illness other than meat caused illness is related to tannins and you have to restore your tannins to balance. Tannins are the way your skin photosynthesizes sunlight. Every imbalance is related to the sun. Doctors deal in disease and chemicals all the time, so I doubt you had half the illnesses they say you did. Read Coyote Medicine. That’s a good doctor for you. Read Wild Feminine and Wild Creative. You’ll love Tammi Lynn Kent. Half the people I know say they’ve never been addicted to a thing in their life but they got called addicts. Probably all they ever did was smell a beer and get the date rape drug once. Or smoke cannibus, the cannibal plant once and forever spin in hell. The sun is rising white in a white sky and it’s chilly. But the sun is in its exact right position. It’s one hundred percent aligned with the grid. And it’s rising a little earlier. How are our crops? How is our stamina? Our crops are fine but our stamina is a little low. Mine is too. A lot low. Well, this is still a fallow year but the earth’s no longer fallow but we are. Because it’s still too cold in the grid. So, let the sun ☀️ do his work, let the moon 🌝 do hers and you’ll be fine. No worries. So today is adoption day, meet my lover day, write my life day and eat my food day. Okay, lovies? We’re busy. It’s an angel world.

Time and potatoes

The threads that hold us together in time weave us together in a sacred mason line. This is a mason sight. We have mason farmers, mason mathematicians, mason agriculturalists, mason carpenters, mason bricklayers, mason electricians, mason detectives, mason presidents, mason lawyers. We have the whole world of mason men. Mason men are green men because they follow the sacred lines of the earth. I am a mason writer. Because I follow the lines of God. I follow the lines of the goddess. I follow the lines of the earth. I follow the lines of people. And I follow the lines of time. I have not considered time my friend. I have been wildly inpatient and sometimes I still am. It’s been three long years since I had a touch of anything circumstancial that had anything to do with anything but what the world has decided is mental illness in me. Time is like a river. It endlessly flows. And it has banks. It is contained by earth. Potatoes are timekeepers. They do their thing independently under the soil. They need no care. Time needs no care. It does it’s own thing. It’s always present. We want something from time constantly. We either want it to slow down or speed up. How do we come into right relationship with time? We do have to to trust. When we’re not trusting, we’re fighting time. I do it often. I just did when I said three long years. Time is long. Yet my kids are grown. What happened there? I barely recall their three month old selves. I think to come into right relationship with time we have to be content beings. That’s all. When we are content time no longer keeps us. We keep time. We already have the makings to be content. It’s just not quite here yet and the old time tells us it just never might be. But real time tells us it has to be so, and soon. Right? We are so far along now. May is Peace. June is Balance. July is Freedom. August is Beauty. If we are almost at peace we are like potatoes. Potatoes are a root crop. They are rhizomes. They are the root that feeds the world. Think of how you feel when you eat a potato. Potatoes don’t let you rush. They slow you right down. We just have to hold time as best we can and when we get frustrated we have to return to our nest under the ground. So today, honor potatoes. Have potatoes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In any form you want. Try to see if you can make a nest for yourself. Take the little cut up pieces of yourself that used to be whole and grow a whole new crop. An entire field of red then green. Be sustenance for the world then, love. You are just my little potato 🥔 head. Love, Beth

Pink and indigo in the sky report

We’ve got pink and indigo in a pale greyish blue sky. The pink and indigo are muted. But present. It’s also a little violet. I think if I sat in the same spot and got out my paints and painted the sky everyday twice a day at the same times I’d be totally happy. Sounds nice. I guess I’m painting the sky now by writing it to you. The whole horizon above the lowest part of the mountain is pink. We really are starting to see our moons rising. Then comes the sun. And I say, it’s all right. (I stole that from the Beatles.) What’s your favorite music? I love John Prine and George Jones and Kris Kristofferson and Patsy Cline and Hank Williams and Natalie Merchant and Dar Williams and Shawn Colvin and Dave Matthews and Danny Schmidt and Paul Curreri and Teri Allard and Dolly Parton. The sun seems to me to be in it’s exact right position but I can barely see it anymore through the trees. It was bright orange pink and now it’s turning whitish. And yellow. 💛 The sky is so beautiful. Just like your eyes. Sometimes at dance workshops I have looked into people’s eyes before and it’s been a lovely experience. There was no need to look away. Because we were both open and giving and receiving. Have you danced yet? Have you made your spotify playlists? According to Gabriel Roth there are Five Rhythms. Flow, which means you connect your feet to the floor and move around the room. Or you lie on the floor and stretch. Staccato, which is the rhythm of the faster heartbeat, you chop your arms and either flow or stand still on your feet. Or you lie on the floor and move your hips. And your arms. Hand jives are fun. Chaos, where you really let yourself go. Pure release. That’s fun on the floor, too. Lyrical, where you become a beautiful, gliding, glowing waterfall. We have geisha wrists. We like to skim hands in this one. And stillness where you lie on the floor, touching a dancer’s foot if you like and settle down. That’s the five rhythms of life. Of work. Of dance. That’s why I said earlier that when I have difficulty with a transition I lie down. I love to lie down and watch people’s bare feet on the dance floor. It is so stunning to watch people’s natural rhythms. When you make your playlists on spotify think about those five rhythms. Build up to chaos and settle down at the end. Start slow and quiet. So, maybe our theme is, let’s lie down. Like a mother cow. Like a deer in the forest. Lie down whenever you don’t know what to do. Or at least sit. That way we can all come to perfect flow. We really are in this together. I hurt when you hurt. You hurt when I hurt. One tribe. One worldwide tribe. Right there under the Dalai lama and Nelson Mandela. Rinpoche and Papa. Right there under the God Pan and the Goddess Kali. Right there under mother and father God. Standing right next to the elephants. And listening closely to the wolves and the buffalo. All of nature is with our one nation. All of creation calls our names out loud. Who have you called lately? No one’s off limits unless they are mean. People are lonely and disconnected. They would love to hear your voice. Who have you visited with? Have you brought someone a fresh baked pie? What are you doing with yourself? Did you decide to give yourself over to truth and joy yet? If not, why not? It’s not like you have forever. Every moment matters. Every bit of you is yearning and longing, I can tell. What exactly are you afraid of, deary? Your heart? Your words? Your silence for so long? Oh, forget about it. Just make amends. No one cares really. We all want the same exact thing. To be happy with our beloveds. To live and create. To dance and sing. To eat and drink and be merry. Go along with you, loves. It’s your time on this gorgeous green planet. You just have to determine it so. And so it shall be. Don’t wait anymore lovey. Do one brave thing today, I don’t care how small. One brave thing. And then dance.

It didn’t happen the way we’d hoped

We have been through hell. And it has taken its toll on us. And if we have trauma we need to address it. I already addressed mine. For about six months after I got out of the hospital I addressed my trauma. And it’s fine now. Address it by writing in your moleskine journal, address it by drawing, address it by talking to a coach. A good coach. One that won’t delve into your trauma but will take you right out of it. Use your instincts. I tried this one therapist and she actually told me I had all this power. She gave me The Secret talk. I felt totally alone after I got off the phone with her. So be careful who you share with. Find someone you trust. Ask around to people that know. Or just pray a lot. Dear God, this is what I need to say to you. See what God says back to you. Call on your animal and tree helpers. They can ease you. So, we are resilient. Especially after we have attended to ourselves. We’re doing so many good things now. We’re eating well, we’re talking out loud to people, we’re working really, really hard, we’re taking breaks, we’re having fun, and we are using our bodies in good ways. We’re paying attention to beauty in and around us. So, really they are starting to have little hold over us. And the past is still with us in this covid world. But really, how much longer can it last? Bill Gates predicted it would be over by summer. June, he said. You might be wondering something. About you. Well I know the answer is yes. Yes, you are. That kind of person. The kind that has always been good. It’s just that you have been scripted. Scripted hard. You have had certain things you have been allowed to say, think and do and that’s about it. If you have committed acts of violence that still haunt your dreams and your waking hours, my friend, you are not alone. So has every president you serve with honor. So, let’s remember honor and service. When Joe Biden won the election I had a thought. I was wondering what the public servants, the good ones and people like Barrack Obama would do now. Because I know people are dedicated to our country. They have to be. For so long, no one has said anything. And the media spit back out every word Donald Trump ever said. And it was like no one ever took a stand. Except for darkness. But what, I thought, will they say now? What will they reveal, what will they do? I know there must be a lot of meticulous notes and a lot of recordings and a lot of videos. We need an office of records for all this information to go into. Someone has to sort through it. I’m glad it’s not me. There must be good reporters too. There must be tons of footage. Brutal footage. Informative footage. I don’t want us to reveal it all. I want the people that take care of brutality to take care of it for us. I want to hear stories in the news about the light that is springing up all over the planet. I want to hear about Joseph Biden and Barrack Obama and the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates. I want recipes and animals and trees and places to visit and stories about miracles and little kids and good mommies and daddies. I don’t want fire and Republicans and war and terror and the Dow Jones. I want to be inspired by the news. And informed. And blessed. I want to see my beautiful world community. Do you? I want good books to read and good movies to watch. I love thirty degrees in february. Shows like that. Where are they? Where is good entertainment? Where is something to relax and uplift us? To educate us and free us? I want to laugh and be inspired and cry my eyes out. Did you watch My Octopus 🐙 Teacher? She gives hugs!! What is freedom? Freedom is beauty. Freedom is truth. Freedom is belonging. Freedom is love. Freedom is joy. Freedom is happiness. Freedom is all the positive qualities of God. Freedom is the love of the Dalai lama and our papa, Nelson Mandela. Freedom is education. Are you a lawyer yet, honey? Well, think about it. I already know you’re an artist and a chef. And an accountant, because we all have to take good care of our finances. We have so much to care for. We really do. Our floors need to be mopped, our dishes need to be done, our clothes need to be washed, our elders need some food made and delivered. Our kids need us to do fun projects with them and take them to the park. We have visiting to do, our gardens need attending and we need time for our mocktails. Not to mention our art and our music. We use to be busy I guess doing a bunch of nothing but sitting at our nine to five desks for hours. Now I guess we’re busy living our lives. We’re as busy as the birds and the rest of the animals. Busy being natural. I call it the angel flow. The only time it gets hard is when I have to transition from one thing to the next. Especially if I worked really hard at something. Which I do a lot. Then I tend to lie down. That helps. A lot. How are you feeling? Did I take you somewhere? Are you finally feeling you can be ok? I hope so, because you can. Look we’ve all been through it. You are not alone ever anymore. Reach out. You’ll be delighted. Kiss your wife full on the lips and take her out on a special date. Do what you love to do all the time now. Every second of your life. Because it all matters. You matter, what you do matters, what and who you love matters. Go in peace, my friend. Go in beauty. May your days be good and long upon the earth.🌍

I see pink!!

I see the pink moon beginning to rise with the blue moon. It’s not full out pink or indigo, but it’s starting. Hallelujah!! The light is so bright and the sky is full of white with some gray off to the south. Now we have a white sky again. Let’s talk about the white light. God is a white light. God is a white horse. White Horse. You are a white light. Your cells are light particles. You are energy and you are solid mass. You never die. You are eternal. After a certain point you never age. The light that is one light is the central root of the cosmos. The cosmos is in a circle. But inside the circle is a twelve petaled lotus flower. And surrounding the cosmic circle is white light. That’s infinity. It’s ether. Your body is made of earth, air, fire, water and ether. You have meridians running through your body. Those are in your five fingers and five toes. Ten fingers and ten toes. Starting with your thumb. Earth. Index finger. Air. Middle finger. Fire. Ring finger. Water. Pinkie finger. Ether. Same for your toes. Starting with your big toe. This is polarity therapy. If you keep your meridians open by attending to your hands and feet and you eat good food in great variety and you drink good drinks you will never have illness. You don’t even have to exercise, although you like it because you have a lot of energy. Exercise is a natural thing. It’s not running, or working out in a gym or on a treadmill. It’s cleaning up the house, gardening, doing laundry, walking to the park, organizing your cupboards, picking flowers and arranging them in vases, walking the dog. It’s a little gentle stretching on the floor or in your chair and dancing with others or alone to your favorite tunes. It’s taking a bath or a shower and cooking. It’s everything you do with your body all the time. It’s even sleeping. That’s why we wake up starving sometimes at 9pm or 1am. Because boy did our bodies just work hard!!! The white light is with you all the time. But it hasn’t felt like it, has it? I know we’ve struggled hard, loves. And sometimes we blame God. But we also know that God is love. The only thing that has ever made sense is that God is love. So, is God responsible for our hurts? Or is God suffering along with us? If God is suffering along with us, why can’t God just be God and change things? I think God is stolen. God wants what we want and even more. But God is everyone. And everyone is a lot of people. And not all people choose good all the time. And evil overtook our world and continued to do so and got bigger and bigger. Look at what happened in America. America is supposed to be a shining example of freedom for all. Look at the capitol riots. Look at what happened in Charlottesville Virginia. Look what happened in Portland, Oregon. Where was God? God was right there holding the line. But the line was completely taken. We were raped. Sorry honeys, but that’s what it’s called. We never let them do it. We always said no. But so many of them refused to stand at all. They were weak and complacent and down right evil. Donald Trump faced no consequences for his violent actions. He was acquitted. How is that? The ones that are sworn to protect us followed party lines? And it was okay with the American people? I’m an American citizen. It was not okay with me. And I think I deserve restitution from those senators and those house republicans that refused to defend my constitutional rights when I was publicly raped and violated and actually they tried to murder me. So, do we make peace with God? How could God be raped like us? God is supposed to be all knowing and all powerful. Well, it’s so simple really. There is only one God. And that God is source. And source is like a magnet. It attracts everything. And we are brilliant beings. And we are like source in that we attract everything that is relevant to our soul’s purpose. So if it is at all related to our soul story for our greatest gift then we have it in droves. So I’ve had every part of mental illness in the world, because I am the rooted mind. I’ve had every part of poverty and scams because I am the rooted body which is learning to become a master of life and manifestation. Manifestation is one of my sacred callings because I teach people how to be master creators in the living economy. So whatever we teach we learn backwards if we are collective souls. So, yes, I do understand that God is love. Why was it so hard, though, and can I get past it? I will never, ever forget what I went through. It is ingrained on my soul. But I don’t think it has to do with God not meeting his and her part of the bargain. I think it has to do with other people’s choices. Because I have never for a long time had one speck of free will. But other people do. Until they don’t. Because the sun is shining white in the pale blue clouded sky. And God is always listening intently. And if God is not all powerful yet she will be soon. Because the earth and the cosmos will finally be free of evil interference. It’s a green world, peoples. And White Horse is on the scene. The light that is one light is our collective light.

Sea shells by the bathtub

Everyone needs a bowl of seashells in their bathroom. Sea shells are the new monocan traditional housewarming gift. We like them in our bathrooms and our plants love them. When everyone has their favorite shells in their homes the earth warms because the seas stabilize in temperature and the whales and the plankton are fine.

Every woman is a steward of the earth

She is a steward of the home. She is a steward of the mountain. She is a steward of the plains. She is a steward of the garden. She likes her sacred herbs. She loves her blossoms. She knows instinctively how to set things right. She is a steward of the ocean. All creatures great and small come to her in peace and gratitude for her gifts. Our elders live and breathe their wisdom inside her wise and loving care and our children rustle about in the folds of her skirt. She always knows when there is work to be done and she never complains but maybe she should. She loves the touch of your hand and the sound of your voice. She might not say so, but you just know. A woman’s work is always done. She is as efficient as a bat. Her touch for beauty is so astonishing when she is given everything she ever needed to provide it. Women, what do we do with our earth? We provide for it. Like we provide for everything. How are your provisions? Stock up. You never know on a moment’s notice who needs what. We don’t mind really, we’re experts. The sky is indicating to me that we need heat. It’s too white and too pale blue. Like our lips get in the cold. So maybe we need our carpenters to start building us solariums off the eastern sides of our houses. The old ways of solar don’t work anymore because we have a new rotation of the sun. So, wives of men, see if you can find a way to envision a sunroom for your house where you keep your geraniums, your bleeding hearts, your oranges, your lemons, your limes, your kumquats. Just see. Work with a person who knows about solar heat. Now let’s talk about vintners for a bit. The orchid restores the ecosystem and the grape restores the vines. They hate stakes. They like to be bushes. Port is old oak trees with ancient grape juice. Our casks are our lathes. Our lathes plane our doors and our logs for our cabins. All homes are cabins in the monocan way. Our casks are our lathes because the grapes are plains plants. And we plane our boards for our casks. When we think of a word like plain and plane we think of monocans. Because monocans have the original language. Like we have the original plants, the original cloth, the original cabin and the original sun. So this sun that rose white today is the new sun and we use all of our knowledge of the old ways to create the new ways because we are the original people. The reason the animals are acting so friendly and joyfully on instagram and in our backyards is because we have returned to the new original earth. It’s new every day, every moment has fresh delights in nature and in relationship and every moment, my wise woman friend has the old ways woven into it. That is why our elders are coming back to us with their understanding of the seasons and the rhythms of life. That is why we are stewards. Men are a lot of things. They can be stewards too. But only part time. We are full time stewards. So let’s think about heat again. The clouds are indicating again that it’s too cold. Some of our plants, like our daffodils are dying off and our grass is too long because of the lack of heat. The trees don’t like it even though they are beautiful. They want to grow even taller still. The hawks have barely arrived. Just a little. The birds are busy though. They just mind the traffic. It interferes with their songs. But not too much. So we think the heat is in the trees. And their root balls. And their roots. So let’s look at our own bodies. That means the heat is in our veins and our bones. And our legs still ache. They ache because our bones are too cold inside. To put heat in our bones we need grapes. White grapes and red grapes and purple grapes and black grapes. Same with our veins. So, we have to create heat in our soil without manure or fertilizer and it has to do with flax. Flax is our roadbeds. Flax is our cloth. Flax is our tires for our cars and our trucks. Flax is our fabric. Flax is our money plant with huge tobacco shaped leaves and flax is our flax that makes seed. It’s not about planting flax. It’s about our roads and our sidewalks. Because the asphalt is made of fragmented iron flake and oil. And it’s all over the place. So our highwayman need to restore our roadbeds in ways they are perfectly ready to do. We’ll have soft terra cotta roads. Our sidewalks make our grasses grow too long because they are hard cement. If we fix our roads and we sand our sidewalks and then brick some and slate some and then mosaic some we open up our solar grid. Then we have solar heat rising from the earth and the sun will never be too hot again. So we don’t need air conditioners when we fix our roads and our sidewalks. And that heals the water lines, too. And then we have heat in our root balls and our limbs. So, my women friends, my stewards, the heat you seek for your bones is in port, warm blankets, whiskey, and soup. Warm socks, warmth. Warm your bones people. We still have work to do. But we’re coming along nicely. God are we smart. As smart as flea named Pea or maybe a lobster named Gladdy or Fred.

Spring solstice arrives April 22

It is still eternal spring. We are meant in the green world to all be on the same exact time of day and night worldwide with our time zone being eastern time. This change brings on summer. By summer equinox which is May 22 we should have equilibrium in the solar system. Equilibrium in the solar system will bring about a temperate climate. That will end what science has called global warming and begin climate change in the Pan Rising Revolution. There should be one sun rise and one sun set just like there is the same cycle of the moon everywhere. Then we can truly have a localized living economy when our crops are able to grow all over the world from seed. We need our plants to come directly from the earth in seed form. Water and air plants are for orchids. Orchids restore the ecosystem. The come in all colors and with all kinds of scents. Including vanilla!! When you look for seeds start with the word you want under Google images and type in lily. For example, moon lily. Strawberry lily. Peach lily. Kale lily. Asparagus lily. Onion lily. Chard lily. See what comes up. You’ll see which seeds to order, the ones from the smaller companies and they’re cheap or reasonably priced. And they come in all colors but not in extreme ways. You’ll be amazed, you really will. When you’re looking up trees look up bushes I think. Walnut bush. Peach bush. Grape bush. Try it. Be creative. But start with lily each time. This is straight from the angels. You’ll be stunned at how cheap seeds and trees are. Trees are a little more expensive but they’re worth it. Anyway, you’re rich. Spend away honey. Be fruitful and multiply the earth. Sanctify it. Make it blossom. Make it sacred. Make it grow. We plant our crops not according to the moon but according to the sun. Pink sky at night, sailors’ delight. Pink sky at morning sailors’ take warning. We never plant our crops at sunrise. We always plant them in the afternoon. Before the dusk. At sunrise we like to check our water tables. We love to gaze into our irrigation gullies at sunrise, just to see what needs attending to. Maybe a fishie or two will rise to greet us. Or maybe a great blue heron. Let’s think about seasons for a moment. So not every month is a solstice or an equinox. So we call the months that are not the solstice or the equinox the moons. It feels to me like this spring is very long. Autumn will be the same way. So will summer. But winter is pretty brief. Winter is really only around December first til January 22 when we get the first spring moon. The red moon it’s called because the trees begin to have a red sheen. And then they often go dormant again. February 22 is the first day of spring when the crocuses arrive and Spring equinox is also the first day of spring on March 22. Then we have Spring solstice on April 22. Then we have Summer equinox on May 22 then we have Summer solstice on June 22. Then we have a summer moon in July. And Autumn solstice is on August 22. Then we have Fall equinox on September 22. And so on. Now we have our calendar for our crops. The sun is rising 60 degrees to the northeast this morning and it’s coming up as a white light. Isn’t that fascinating? If we are to become temperate all over the globe in the next thirty two days then we will unlock every code. Every code is mathematics. Every math is prime. Every prime is pie. Pie is a circle. A circle is an orb. All cells are circles. All bodies are orbs in the auric field. All fields are orbs. All seeds are cells. Plants are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is plankton. Plankton along with fern is the original plant that all life is based upon. It started with a breath and then it instantly became green. Okay my quantum physicist farmer friends what’s next? We have a white sun today in a pale blue sky. Coming up over the mountain behind the trees. The ancient trees. Maybe it looks different for you. Tell someone special or write on your blog or speak in your podcast on patreon what you saw today as you had your morning cup of joe or tea. Interesting what we are changing daily as the ones who bring on the pan revolution. We can see it in our birds and our animals constantly and we can see it in our natural world. Today I want you to get high if you can. Look out over a vista. See if wherever you are you can see the sea. Our inland seas should be starting to appear. Look for the tree line. And see what you see. Okay? Be a scientist. Discover the new theory of everything. Who knows what you do. I certainly don’t. Brilliant you are.