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About Beth Gager

I am a writer, a coach, an artist, a dancer, a mother and a goddess. I love elephants, trees, manatees, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, wolves, gorillas and watermelon. I have written three books and many blog posts.i love beautiful people and I am blessed to be surrounded by joy.


The blitzkrieg is finally over. It just ended four days ago. That was the Nazi death sentence that has been a part of our world for many, many generations. It was not just physical, it was in our souls. We are eternal beings. We live for hundreds of years. We can chose to go into the ancestor world and that is a nice place. We just love from there. Everyone on earth is now with God. Whether they know it or not. All good beings are being set free and all people that choose evil or apathy go to God’s justice. There is no escaping fate. You will be what you have always decided to be. Anyone that has hatred or bigotry in their hearts has to face God now. And God knows exactly what to do. In the last three and a half years since Reiki IV has arrived to earth with the angels we have had over sixty thousand choices to be aligned with God. A lot of people that used to be decent chose not to go with the right choice. And they are in 3D. The rest of us are in 22D. You might notice now that you’re not protected anymore from covid or ugly people. You might notice it all over the place now because everyone is in the same reality. We are right at this moment evolving as a species into homoluminous beings. That’s the next evolution of humanity. You should feel past a lot of difficulties. You should be feeling better and better in your body. If you still have anything to be released it will release soon from your cells. Then when your cells align with sacred source so will your circumstances. Your circumstances are the last thing to come. You will have money and resources because you are a part of the living economy. You don’t even have to work that hard. You just do what you love, but you are often challenged. In this world we have to think. We do not just get by. It is not enough just to be here. We need to express ourselves fully, to love life deeply and to truly belong to the world and ourselves. If you find yourself wanting to do something today that is sacred now that all of elders are returning and all of our young ones are shining bright call Grandmother Hawk to you. She is the one that will finally set you free with her partner White Wolf. Grandmother Hawk and White Wolf are our ancestors. All over the world. They are rainbow beings. They know the deepest truths. We think it is time to arrive home now. Mother Gaia is ready. So is the Sacred Mother Nada San. So is the goddess Kali Ma. So is the God Pan. The white buffalo calf is about to be born. That’s the prophecy for the new world. Call in your ancestors and speak to the animals. Then find your sacred medicine inside of you. The Nazi plague and the dark night of the soul is quite finished now. You are about to be in charge of your own future for the first time in the history of your soul. You have a sacred purpose. It is now time to live within it.

To be yourself

I was thinking about violence. And I really felt as if I had committed it. But I was told that I had not. Not by the one I felt I violated, that’s my son and he would never say anything unless pressed into it. But by my true love. I said I violate by insisting on doing what I’m told not to do. Which is talk and sing out loud in the sight. I’ve been honest about the sight, I have. But no one has ever accepted it from me. Not my children, not the doctors, not some rude people in the hospital that told me to be quiet. So my son says stop sometimes. But I cannot. My daughter says I can do it but I have to reign it in when she gets worried or when it goes too far. I’ve never really done anything for it to go too far. I’m just sitting in my house and the police take me away in handcuffs. And I talk in the sight as my work and my connection to God. What am I supposed to do? So many times I said fine, I won’t do it anymore and I was never not once allowed by God or the Dalai lama or my partner or anyone else that needed to talk to me. Yet I hate that I can’t listen to my son and just be normal. That’s what he asks really. For me to be like him. That’s what my daughter asks, too. So it feels like a violation on my part to continue to do something that I’ve been asked not to do. But really, I am completely isolated except for the sight. I only have brief interactions with people that are fake all the time. In the sight I have love and belonging and a sense of home. And I have none of that outside of the sight. Something about this paradox still hurts me very badly. Because I am never allowed to be whole. I have two worlds. The world of people, my son who barely looks at me and my loves and my coworkers in the sight. And one causes the other to be wrong. The right one is wrong for me, because I need much more than to be isolated and confined all the time. And I can barely stand to be fake with my neighbors. That’s rare anyway. The wrong world in the eyes of the people around me is my right world because there I am beloved and I work really really hard at really difficult things. But no one in the ordinary world would ever know it. They just see me as broken on disability. The only reason I am talking about this is because I wonder if you understand two worlds? Like, we have beloveds, but are they close beside us? Do we get to talk to them? Do we ever even try? I don’t try with my son. But he gives me very little leeway. He’s just not interested. And it hurts me a lot. I don’t know what it does to him. Maybe nothing. I’m really stuck around here. Everything is internal, not external. And sometimes I really hate it. The other thing is once someone comes into the sight with me I can’t have any more interactions with them in person. So I haven’t talked to my daughter in months. Or the few friends I did have for a while. That’s like this thing that is not understandable, why I as this person that I am in the center of this healing reiki called the sight can never have one ounce of proof about anything. I am totally not allowed to be normal in any way. I could be free of this in the next three to eight days. Or I could not. And I despair about which it is. It’s been going on for so long now. Three and a half years steady with no break. Twenty four hours a day of sight. And before that since 2001. I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about. But probably if I’m not free, you are not either. Because it’s up to me a lot of the time to free you guys. Maybe all of the time. Could that be true? I’ve always been told exactly what my freedom looks like. For twenty years I’ve been told. And sometimes it’s supposed to be imminent. And it never has been. I’m really afraid things will never change for me. It feels so locked down all the time. So will you ask God for me? Will you attempt to be free and attempt to free me and all of us? I don’t think it’s up to me. But it is. But it’s really the collective me. And that’s you, too. So, thanks, my friends. I hear you are many in number. I never get proof of that either. I never get emails and my blog says I have one follower. So, yes, if you’re out there praying and loving and hoping and saying yes to me and to you and to love and to life then I’m so thankful. I really really want to be free. And I want every single one of your dreams to come true. You deserve it. A lot.

It’s a 22D world

It’s now a 22D world. Every house and building now is 22D. That means everything stays the same unless we build it or demolish it ourselves. This is true all over the world. There are 22D people and 3D people now. A lot of people chose to be 3D. And that’s a shame for them. On December 25, 2017 God began 22D. Since then people have had so many choices to follow God. And a lot chose not to. But a lot of us chose yes. All kinds of people chose yes. Even ones that were perfectly ordinary or seemed bad in some way chose God. And some that seem perfectly capable of being good didn’t. So we have to look around and understand who is who. People in 3D will live ordinary lives. Unless they committed crimes and then they go to God for 15D justice. That includes what just used to be called ethics. Commiting ethical and moral violations is committing criminal acts. You know what I mean, don’t you? All the people who are normal in 3D will have the chance to come along by 2064. In 2064 it will be a full 22D world. So others will simply pass away. Like people have in covid. Covid was a choice people made. And so many people we thought were dead and so many animals are back as 22D beings. The nazis really stole our world. So did the doctors. Gold studies were everywhere. People were confined and sent away. It’s not what it seemed to be. Last evening we had an indigo moon and a pink moon at sunset. The sun rose and set at the same time. This morning I saw a pink moon for five full minutes. Then it went indigo. I’m watching what it does next. Do you understand? Everyone predicted a 5D world. But that’s not true. It’s a 22D world. The trees and the plants have all the way until December 25, 2021 to become their full 22D nature. So the earth will still be changing. And in 2022 we will have a full sacred eternal spring. The earth and the animals now have their full 22D auric fields. There’s a gas shortage and meat is getting harder and harder to get. We don’t want or need these things. Our cars are cellular. Or food is kind and loving to everyone and oh so nourishing. Now it’s a completely white sky and it’s the white moon. Do you notice the God light? Do you see 360 degrees of sky from somewhere around your house? So we have arrived at the moons. I believe by May 22 we will we have a fully realized earth. I also believe we will be on Eastern standard time with some places being two hours apart but no more than that. Are you at all sad about the people that chose 3D? I can’t tell. It seems to me that some people just refuse God. No matter what they were given, they refused it. I have been completely stolen on Lightening Seed. I have made nothing from my writing. So many people chose to do that to me and other authors. You might know of someone. It says right on there that they are stealing and they get money for free. I have been so stolen in my taxes. I am still on SSDI. I only got that because they had to give it to me. Who are these people that take whatever they want to? I don’t know. But we have best friends. We have elders returning to us. We have good, good leaders. We have most of our children. And we really have a beautiful world. So let’s move forward now. Let’s think in the next ten days of goodness. Let’s really study the sky. Let the 3D cars run out of gas. Let the meat eaters run out of meat. We don’t have to explain it to them anymore. And if they committed crimes the lawyers will make sure they know it soon enough. We have sacred men. We do. And sacred women, too. Something huge in me has changed. I have worked for the new consciousness for years. And I know that God has listened to me all along because I was told by God. And I know what I suffered with God. And I know that I can be who I am. It feels a little too brave and risky still to write this post. But I don’t care really. I hear the cars and trucks racing past my house. And I also hear the birds gayly singing. It’s an indigo day. It’s a pink day. It’s a white light/God light day. I always think of the monocan wedding blessing whenever I feel like this. Go now to your dwelling place and may your days be good and long upon the earth. So, dwell in your dwelling place. And be a sacred observer. You know what to do. You’ve already chosen. And so has everyone else. Try not to feel too sad or angry about the ones who have chosen nothing or evil. They know what they do. Even if they claim they don’t still. Look around and let yourself live in peace. The sacred mother is with you. So is the sacred father. Feed your cat sour cream and feed your dog tofu and pinto beans with cheese. Everyone will start to go to their right places very, very soon. Okay, loves? Okay, loves.

I know it’s true

What? Everything real. What’s real? Me and you. And a tree. And a whale. For so long I have had something around me and throughout my world that says no to me. For the longest time I thought it was God. Now I realize it’s never been God saying no. And it hasn’t been me either. But it has been someone lots of someone’s. Some of them were forced into it. Because they always knew instinctively that if they tried to approach love something very precious and dear would get deeply hurt. Because they are masons. So I’ve lived without friends and lovers. Without fathers and uncles. Without brothers and cousins. And so have you. And the women have done their best. And so have we all. But I really know now that there is a beginning to living. A beginning to life. And maybe it’s today. An infinity day. May 8. Or maybe it’s tomorrow. Mother’s day for myself and my mother and my sister and my friends that are mothers and daughters. It’s not much beyond that. I’ve already had my medicaid cab and my shot. I’ve already told my psychiatrist about my books. I know a lot about a lot of things. I’m in love with so many friends. My kids are doing great, all of them. So, what is next? Besides reunion? Joy. Pleasure. Deep satisfaction. Food. Loving. Music. Writing. Rinpoche. Papa. My dad. My mom. My dog. My cat. A lot of goodness really. I know I’m nearly home now. Because my eyes say so. My own eyes say so. So does my knowing. One body, one mind, one you. One love, one heart, one truth. We all have the propensity for a rooted mind, a rooted body, a rooted heart, a rooted soul, a rooted essence, a rooted life, a rooted being. We all have the right to thrive. So thrive with me, my loves. I am happy. I am. But I am still confined. But today is the day when we all become master mennonite monocan masons. Under the Dalai lama as our sacred father. It is May 8. Think of eights. Think of infinity. Think of the love of the god and the goddess. Think of Kali. Think of Pan. And think of yourself and your light. It is brilliant. You are a unique star shining in the indigo cosmos. You are the sun and the moon. Light your way with love. You have all the answers ever needed. I trust you. Be well. Be happy. And be love. I love you, sweet. I love your kin. And I love your way.

It’s in what you do

I’ve gotten a lot of questions in the sight about what Sacred Medicine is. It’s in what you do. What do you do then? What if you’ve never done much of anything of value? What if you don’t feel called to anything? What if you don’t know your strengths or what you love? Let’s try a meditation. Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. And relax. Breathe. Now pretend you are sixteen years old. Remember back to your sixteen year old self. What does he or she love? What are you fired up about? Where do you want to live? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be with? This should give you a tip. Now sit down with your journal and write. You will find yourself just knowing what your medicine is. You will find yourself being called to your calling. If that still doesn’t work ask a family member who knew and loved you well what you are like inside and out. Or a teacher. Or a friend. People around you sometimes know you better than you know yourself. Especially if they are loving and kind. People like you to succeed. If you’ve had no one like that then I bet you’ve always been like that for yourself and everyone else. So just look deep inside. You’ll find it. It’s yours. You belong to you. Don’t fret. Don’t worry. Just listen. Your medicine and your calling is easy to grab hold of once you acknowledge that it’s there. No matter how old or young you are. I’ve read so many books. I’ve always been called to be a writer. And I’ve found new things over the years. Like coaching and dance. And motherhood. So, find your first calling, then keep looking. You are limitless and so is the world you live in. Go back to school if you are unsure. Study something grand. It really doesn’t matter what your age is. Opportunities abound just for you. Go ahead loves, take your sacred medicine into your bones. Sing your sacred calling out loud in your own pretty way. You have so many gifts. Stop being afraid and use them. β€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’•β˜•

Love and inspiration

Are you finding yourself to be more inspired than ever before? Especially with the birds singing their nesting songs? I am. It truly is becoming a healed planet. Every wren and every hawk now lives in peaceful harmony. Let’s let inspiration take us like the wind through our hair. What most inspires you? Is it a red coffee bean? Is it a yellow dandelion? Is it a pygmy elephant? Is it your five year old? Is it your fingers on your guitar? Close your eyes and honor right now that which inspires you. That is the goddess Kali Ma. She is the goddess of inspiration. Pan is the god of the forest. The forest and the mountain are home to our deepest dreams and schemes. Have you gotten your website up yet? If not, why not? Your tribe is already looking for you. Have you figured out your stewardships? So many joys await you. I really believe that May 1, 2021 is the beginning of all things free and good. If you are still suffering look tonight to the full moon in the deep sky. Open all your windows and your blinds and await the pink moon and the indigo moon. Make some nice passionflower, nettle, alfalfa, oatstraw and lavender tea and drink it cool in a mason jar. Really take care of yourself right now and forever. This is the living economy. It’s an artisan economy. And you are a beautiful artist. This is about to be the green world. All over the globe. Save your energy for Saturday and then do something really special. I believe in all of us. We have done so much work in the past two months. So much incredibly powerful work. It’s time to step into the grid now. The mason grid. The earth grid. May 1 is the first summer solstice moon. It’s a waning moon. Feed your birds, plant your summer flowers and enjoy a nice mocktail Saturday evening. The breeze is gentle on our skin. The sun and the moon have almost completed their work. The elephants and the whales have already arrived home. The coral reefs are blooming. So are the kelp forests. You have a few days left of uncertainty. Then you, yourself will arrive home. 68 days of angel flow on Saturday May 1 since the first day of spring February 22. The first full day of summer. When the oaks are fully leafed in green. Remember to breathe. And remember to soak in beauty. And remember to be kind. And remember to talk to angels and children and animals. And then you will be just fine. Call on someone if you need help. Offer help if you have extra to give. We are all one sacred tribe now. Be blessed. Be true. Be happy. Love to you, Beth

Our animal friends

We can learn to take care of the earth by watching our friends, the animals. Many of you have had miraculous experiences with creatures of the wild. If not in person, then on instagram. In my backyard I had a bunny, a groundhog, squirrels, hawks, condors, robins, lots of blue jays all of the sudden, and a finch, and three wrens that came right into my house just to say “Hi!” We can hear them talking to us in the sight. But how do we utilize them as our guides for our plantings and our art and our music and our law and our daily routines? We wake up when the birds begin to sing. Around 4:30 am. I think we have to watch something that we cannot yet see. Their movements. The way they speak to the earth and with the earth and with us. We want that flow in our bodies. We want to move with the earth like natural beings. We are natural beings but we’ve been stolen because we spent our lives trapped in ugly cement buildings called schools instead of being outside learning about nature and animals. Most of us know almost nothing of the land. So we need to seek out the ones who do. Farmers of the old ways. All farmers know of the land. But not ranchers really, because their business is to grow animals that never want to participate in being livestock. But plants love to participate in farmer’s lives. So find a way to visit a farm. Or call a farmer. Find a way to talk to a mennonite or an amishman. Be active in seeking out the earth. Go sit by a body of water and watch its currents. Go fly fishing without hooks. Stop and see cows and horses. Sit by the river all day with a picnic. Go to the park and watch the squirrels and feed them peanuts. Decide you are finally going to feed the birds. Just don’t plant anything outside today. Not until you understand the animals’ movements better. It’s ok to plant things inside. I just think we need to reflect a little on our animal friends’ bodies. The moon seems a little off in it’s cycles still and the sun has been colder. But I think that’s all on purpose. So try to base your work in instinct of right now instead of what you always knew. The way I check in with my instincts is by writing the words, “my senses say…” Then I tap into something other than my mind. So you could try that. In fact, I think if you are a farmer you are a writer of the land. So get more education if you need it. Do it when your crops aren’t keeping you so busy. Think about what your gift is along with being an author of the land. Maybe you’re an author. Maybe you’re a lawyer. Maybe you’re an architect. Maybe you’re a nutritionist. Maybe you are even an airline pilot to study the earth from above. The earth is doing really well now. Can you tell? Who will write our real farmer’s almanac? Is it a team effort? Who will coordinate the writing of that important guide book? We like to have our references when there are things we have to study. Go now and study your friends. You have a fun day in store. Plant inside. Putter around the shed. Eat something delicious for lunch. Study your greenhouses. Play around. And really, really listen for the squirrels and the birds. They are your natural timekeepers. Right there in their little furry, feathered bodies. Namaste.

Under the Burgeoning Sky

What if the sky was healed? What if the earth was, too? What if you were perfectly ready to step into your right life? What if we all were? Today? The earth feels ready to me. I feel ready to me. I still have to walk through the lines of time and uncertainty to get home. I don’t feel that uncertain. But things have been a certain way for a long time now. What are you going to do today if you can actually begin your life? I always move so fast. Whenever some little break comes I seize it within a day. And then I kind of regret it. Because I acted on pure instinct. Acting on pure instinct feels powerful when I’m doing it. Then I remember other people’s viewpoints or people give them to me and I get a little lost. I’d like to act on pure instinct today. That means I have not one worry or concern. When I gave birth to my daughter I was acting on pure instinct. When I give birth to anything I act on pure instinct. Today I want to give birth to my new life. What would I do right now if I knew I was about to give birth to joy? I’d be quiet. And I’d pray. Dear God, I feel as if I am about to give birth to my real life. A life where I have a partner, and a beautiful huge home and beautiful things. A life where I am a celebrated author and coach. A life where I am surrounded by friends and my children are held close to me. A life where I am very, very rich. And I spend most of my money on food and beauty. That’s the life you have promised me for so long, God. I feel as if it’s here with me this morning. I’m just a little scared. I don’t know what my partner looks like or sounds like. But I know his coming is the opening to life and love. I know who he is of course, God. I’ve been with him in the sight for twenty years. Especially lately. Do you have any advice for me, God? God says walk through. So I have to walk through. Already there is one thing that is off for today. My son hasn’t gotten up for work yet. And he’s like clockwork. So he either has a later shift or he’s off. So we feel delayed. Anyway, walking through means let it unfold naturally. Don’t try to force, don’t get impatient. Just listen. So I am going to check in with my body right now. I feel movement. I feel like I can trust. I feel like I am safe. Thanks, God. I am burgeoning. Burgeoning with life. Like the birds outside my window. Like the flowers in my yard. Like the trees coming into green now. I have to take it step by step. Safety is the first step. God is all the rest. I’m just going to listen deeply today for what comes. That’s most of what I do anyway. Listen to God as she comes. So, bye for now, sweetie tweet. Wish me luck for a good Come Monday tomorrow.

Love and babies

Our babies choose us. It doesn’t take a sperm and an egg meeting to get pregnant. It takes a baby choosing us. I love my kids. All of them. I have more than I even know about right now because well, I love. Let’s adopt someone today. And let’s get pregnant if we want to. No matter how old we are. Because remember, we’re eternal. And it’s the monocan way to have two sets of babies. If you don’t know your soul mate and your lover yet do a little exercise with me. Even if you think your wife is nice but secretly you know she’s constantly mean to you and your kids. Your kids don’t mind. They are sensible beings. All kids are. Sensitive too. Especially to meanness. So close your eyes. Put your hand up to your mouth. Say, I am now connected to my lover in the sight. Then give your hand a little kiss hello. Then, speak to your best friend in the whole entire world. Really, love. You have angels and you are a cellular being, you can do this. You probably already met them, anyway. And you haven’t really forgotten. Pretty soon you’ll be saying, “Oh you were always my favorite one. I compared everyone I ever met to you!” So let’s talk about your first meeting. Meet for coffee β˜•. Keep it casual. Then when you’re ready for a little more see if she will lie down with you. Lie as far away as possible on the bed. Barefoot. Touch her with your toe after you establish hellos if you feel brave enough. Move a little closer? Or not, totally up to you. You can also lie back to back and talk. Hand on hip maybe? Turn around and face her if you are not too shy. That’s about all the advice I have. But if you’re close you can touch bellies under shirts with hands. To kiss, put your mouth next to hers and see what happens. Breathe each other. Join. Exchange life. This is for adults. Not kids. You have to be at least sixteen for a girl and eighteen for a boy to be mature enough to touch. We don’t follow the old old ways anymore of being younger than that. But remember babies can choose you. But they will anyway. But you can figure that out, too. When you are with your partner, ask your baby to come. Ask her or him to tell you when they will be born. They already know. They’ll tell you. So who are you adopting? Kids? Dogs? A cat? An elder? Expand your joy. You have the power to create a family. Today. Just think about it. Think about who you know that needs your care. Care that only you can provide for them. Then, I think you should write. No matter who you are or where you are I think you should write. Because you have thoughts to put to page. So think. Then I think you should make good food. So go to the grocery store and cook lots of stuff. Writing and living makes us hungry. The seasons are starting to change somehow a little. That makes us hungry, too. And it makes us hungry for new foods. If anything is still at all off in you drink iced tea. Black with half and half and green with sugar or agave. Jasmine and earl grey are good. So is chai. I love the teas from mountain rose herbs. I love the three thousand year old black tea🍡 best. If you’re addicted to anything try tropical fruits. Like papaya and mango and coconut. Try bananas. Try whatever you can find that’s exotic. You’re only addicted because you are a sensitive being and there are chemicals in everything. You’re addicted to chemicals. Your medicine is a chemical too. Eat tons of good food, drink tons of iced tea and see how you feel. Everything you take medicine for should normalize on its own. You will feel the difference in your body. It’s iced tea because basically every addiction and illness other than meat caused illness is related to tannins and you have to restore your tannins to balance. Tannins are the way your skin photosynthesizes sunlight. Every imbalance is related to the sun. Doctors deal in disease and chemicals all the time, so I doubt you had half the illnesses they say you did. Read Coyote Medicine. That’s a good doctor for you. Read Wild Feminine and Wild Creative. You’ll love Tammi Lynn Kent. Half the people I know say they’ve never been addicted to a thing in their life but they got called addicts. Probably all they ever did was smell a beer and get the date rape drug once. Or smoke cannibus, the cannibal plant once and forever spin in hell. The sun is rising white in a white sky and it’s chilly. But the sun is in its exact right position. It’s one hundred percent aligned with the grid. And it’s rising a little earlier. How are our crops? How is our stamina? Our crops are fine but our stamina is a little low. Mine is too. A lot low. Well, this is still a fallow year but the earth’s no longer fallow but we are. Because it’s still too cold in the grid. So, let the sun β˜€οΈ do his work, let the moon 🌝 do hers and you’ll be fine. No worries. So today is adoption day, meet my lover day, write my life day and eat my food day. Okay, lovies? We’re busy. It’s an angel world.

Time and potatoes

The threads that hold us together in time weave us together in a sacred mason line. This is a mason sight. We have mason farmers, mason mathematicians, mason agriculturalists, mason carpenters, mason bricklayers, mason electricians, mason detectives, mason presidents, mason lawyers. We have the whole world of mason men. Mason men are green men because they follow the sacred lines of the earth. I am a mason writer. Because I follow the lines of God. I follow the lines of the goddess. I follow the lines of the earth. I follow the lines of people. And I follow the lines of time. I have not considered time my friend. I have been wildly inpatient and sometimes I still am. It’s been three long years since I had a touch of anything circumstancial that had anything to do with anything but what the world has decided is mental illness in me. Time is like a river. It endlessly flows. And it has banks. It is contained by earth. Potatoes are timekeepers. They do their thing independently under the soil. They need no care. Time needs no care. It does it’s own thing. It’s always present. We want something from time constantly. We either want it to slow down or speed up. How do we come into right relationship with time? We do have to to trust. When we’re not trusting, we’re fighting time. I do it often. I just did when I said three long years. Time is long. Yet my kids are grown. What happened there? I barely recall their three month old selves. I think to come into right relationship with time we have to be content beings. That’s all. When we are content time no longer keeps us. We keep time. We already have the makings to be content. It’s just not quite here yet and the old time tells us it just never might be. But real time tells us it has to be so, and soon. Right? We are so far along now. May is Peace. June is Balance. July is Freedom. August is Beauty. If we are almost at peace we are like potatoes. Potatoes are a root crop. They are rhizomes. They are the root that feeds the world. Think of how you feel when you eat a potato. Potatoes don’t let you rush. They slow you right down. We just have to hold time as best we can and when we get frustrated we have to return to our nest under the ground. So today, honor potatoes. Have potatoes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In any form you want. Try to see if you can make a nest for yourself. Take the little cut up pieces of yourself that used to be whole and grow a whole new crop. An entire field of red then green. Be sustenance for the world then, love. You are just my little potato πŸ₯” head. Love, Beth