Five Roots Dance and Music Color System

The Five Roots Dance and Music Color System is my offer to the music and freedom of the world. It is a combination of dance and acoustic roots music. It is the color of thrive. The way it works with the Life Roots Healing Color System and the Life Roots Healing Color System for Nutrition is by design. The design says the body is a natural healing organism. Everything in us is always working towards wholeness. We have to slow down and accept the silence and grace of source. This often interferes with our wants. Because we can’t trust. It has been so hard, the world we live in. And we have so much collective and individual trauma. And collective trauma shows up in every person in the web and so does individual trauma. So, these three systems which are developing into Lifesong reiki and the Lifesong Healing Color System are our touchstones for thrive.

In the Five Roots Dance and Music Color System I show men with guitars how to play a new form of musical listening kraft by dancing. Sometimes I dance in my chair and sometimes I take to the floor on my rooted feet. This is something that combines something I have done for a while now, which is Rootsong Music Therapy, Heartsong Writing Therapy and my Five Roots dance practice. Involved in this system is the Theory of the Music of Pan, which is the theory of acoustic roots and barleycorn and the Theory of the Music of Kali, which is children’s music, which is called a joyful noise. Every musican needs and deserves a listening room and every dancer needs and deserves a sound bath.

The flow of dance and music together seem to be able to produce something the world of music has never conceived of before. I believe this system is our key to freedom as a tribe, along with Wren, which is the Life Roots Healing System. To begin we have to get grounded. This means we place the roots and rivers in our bodies in the roots and rivers of the earth. And we start developing our sacred thyme bodies with the ones we love.

This means for me I have my soundtrack studio and family time. My day includes imagining, planning, reading, eating, drinking, cooking, going outside, feeding and watching the birds, designing, renovating, garden time, art journaling, writing, walking, hanging out, teaching, coaching, singing, working on the calendar and making notes and listening. It also includes a lot of Five Roots Music and Dance work with my team of musicans, dancers, teachers, healers and coaches.

The Five Roots Dance and Music Color System is a brand new concept. It is my joy to produce it and hold it and embrace it with love and feeling and adoration. I am dedicated to discovery among fellow musicians and dancers. The first step of the system was to conceive of it. The second step was to get really rooted in my new life among family. The third step was to open it to the musica. The fourth step was to open it to the dancers and healers. The fifth step is to play and root.

We are such scholars and quantum physicists that we are always looking ahead at our studies. This means we have developed a plan for 2026. This is the Green Renaissance. We will retreat into our art and music. We will be on a continuous creative holiday for a couple of years but we can still have Wren, of course. We have a plan for 2028. This is the curriculum of new studies at the Life Roots Healing Institute. Then we grow into something new and exciting again as a tribe of artists. The art of it is what makes it so special and sacred to all of us. And our art is as smart as a whippoorwill in springtime. Sing, sing, sing, little dove. Dance, dance, dance little wren.