Color Guard… The Classical Way of Wellness

Covid 19 has decimated our world through an international salmonella pandemic. Salmonella is bird flu and mad cow disease. It has caused a one hundred percent increase in addiction to over the counter supplements such as cohosh, pennyroyal, colace, uric acid, foxglove/digitalis, hemp, Cosen and ouzo or absinth. People use these substances separately or together as pills, tinctures, teas, oils, cigarettes, drinks and shakes.

Heart attack due to bird flu is now the number one killer in America. It has reached pandemic proportions. This is Covid based illness and it causes aortic rupture and death.

There are simple things you can do to return to wellness after Covid Exposure or use of supplements and prescriptions.

Covid can not remain active if you eat a rich vegetarian diet. Every kind of plant based meat substitute is now available in grocery stores. You can make all your old favorites and find a wealth of recipes on line. It is not recommended that you eat eggs but cheese is fine. There are recipes on this website under If You Need a Doctor, When Your Heart Attacks You and When Your Bones and Limbs aren’t Right and under Common Roots, The Company Picnic and Simple Recipes to Start your Thrive.

Bird flu can not survive a plant based diet because its cause is eliminated when uric acid leaves the physical system. Chronic illness such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, Chron’s disease, chronic fatigue disorder and Lupus can not exist without an overdose of adrenalin and decomposition chemicals to the system. Adrenalin is released into an animal’s tissues when it is killed for meat production. It is then released into the body of the person that consumes it.

Pharmaceuticals and over the counter supplements are not necessary and cause harm and addiction to the body and the mind. An individual that chooses good health can do wellness work by journaling, listening to nice music, reading pleasing books, sitting outside, feeding and watching the birds, taking gentle walks, having a regular chair yoga practice (described under Wren Programs), dancing gently, crafting art, cleaning with natural products that smell good and eating good food. Wellness seekers should study trees, have indoor and outdoor plants, cultivate beauty in their homes and offices and avoid the news and television. Old fashioned hard candies, tic tacs, licorice and regular coke are good for addiction. So is something to touch in your pocket and breathing into your hand.

A classical approach to wellness as described above returns us to our roots. When we understand how to help ourselves instead of relying on practitioners whose main focus is disease and pharmaceuticals that come with a side effect of death we can thrive and be joyful.

A joyful body is a well body. A well body is a well mind and heart. When we are well we can improve our daily circumstances a lot. Grace starts finding us.

Every citizen deserves a well life. This includes babies, children, teenagers, adults and elders. We are allowed to ask questions and make informed decisions about our lives.

There is an international movement of people called The One World Wellness Tribe who are seeking out a better life. This is called the New Consciousness. It is a new paradigm. It is a return to reason after mass injustice.

Justice has to include the most vulnerable members of the world wide web. This includes animals and the earth. People deserve better than they have been given. The Department of Justice has been extremely active in the past five years to alleviate suffering and to right the law and the code.

Right action precedes your right life. If you are afraid ask for help. But seek out help wisely for people in powerful positions have a lot of financial stake in your illness.

Disease is optional when you are informed. Children need to be seen and heard and believed and so do our elders.

Society has almost destroyed the earth and its people. Covid just came along to seal the deal. Animals can not be abused without concern and neither can people if we want to be well. Drugs can not be taken unconsciously for a healthy mind and body.

Nothing can be unconscious in the new consciousness. Trauma and bad habits like addiction can be dealt with pretty easily. It just takes dedication and heartfelt intentionality.

Leave your worries behind now and listen to your heart before it attacks you. Stress is caused by bad choices, whether yours or the people you are close beside.

Find someone to be close beside you. It’s available somewhere or you wouldn’t be reading this. Make your choices wisely now and listen to grace and belonging. It is your birthright. And you deserve it. But it won’t come to you if you don’t honor and respect it.

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