Color Hive… A Community that Sings the World

It’s well past time for justice. Grace wants to be born now. We have a code of ethics to follow. We are the Color Hive. The One World Wellness Tribe.

We need each other to thrive. Otherwise, we die. The most serious thing we can think of has now happened. That is Covid, the pandemic for the entire world population.

You think fracking, factory farms, coal production, oil production, clear cutting and mountain top removal don’t matter? You think money and greed and addiction and disease are the norm?

You know nothing about the Pan Revolution and the Green World? You don’t know what cohosh, penny royal, uric acid, Colace/castor oil, hops, hemp/marijuana and foxglove/digitalis do?

You want to keep your job that is boring and meaningless so you don’t have to change or lose money?

You want your family to continue to tell you what’s wrong with you like your doctor does?

You want bloodwork and cat scans and mri’s and mammograms, and pap smears and cancer screenings and weight checks and colonoscopies and proctal exams?

These things satisfy you and make you feel good? What are you preventing if the major side effect is death?

You want to go to the gym and work out and eat paleo? You want to stop learning and growing? You want to mask your anxiety and your anger and stuff your true feelings?

Why are you hiding? Is it the script that you follow? Have we given the earth a script that says she has to die soon? And is that why Covid happened?

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