Colors… Nourish, Nest and Renovate

Listen, listen turtle dove for the sound of the sky above. When you hear it call your name you will never be the same. The sky is blue for me and you. The wind can not be captured. When I see a little doe I am quite enraptured. A deer, a doe, a plant, a hoe, a horse, a way to be. A wren, a friend, a sacred pen, a thriving hive of bees.

Wren is Color Scout. It is a way to move about the world. It spans all ages. It is a way to learn and grow and be as real as the Velveteen Rabbit. Brown with white spots and a little pink nose.

A blue-eyed prince is like a scout. He protects the hive. The bees inside make their honey so we can finally survive. We need a cookie or a piece of cake to sweeten up our day. When we listen with minds and hearts we will find our way.

Nest is universal healthcare. Wellness is a choice we make every day with our way. Color guards listen closely to the wisdom of the bees. The bees are our sweet nourishment for the system of the trees.

Renovation is what we need to take back our world. This is true for every man, woman, boy and girl. Something happened to us all that drove us to our knees. And everyone on the planet is responsible for the bees.

Without bees there are no flowers. Without flowers there is no fruit. Every day we sit around bored with nothing to do. We watch bad tv and eat bad food that kills our little friends. We take drugs to mask our pain. We never make amends. We say we can’t. We’re not allowed. We say we won’t. We don’t.

The screaming of the earth is loud. The people aren’t at home. We have a way of clamping down our hearts but not our greed. And when we sing with the world we finally find the seed.

The seed is Wren, you understand? It is our sacred way. It’s conscious because it talks to us every single day.

This program really is the way into our lives. And if we agree to come to it we surely join the hive.

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