Eat Your Colors… The Nutrition of Thrive

Thrive is your birthright that your never learned. Nutrition is all forms of nourishment. When you are nourished well from conception you thrive. When you have trauma, bad words, bad food, bad tv, bad schooling, bad news and bad books you suffer.

Every baby should be nursed until they naturally wean without using formula or bottles at all. Touch and taste from a mother is essential for growth and well being.

Rhythm is destroyed by greed and apathy. The earth has a natural rhythm. It is Acadian and cyclical and seasonal and moon and sun based.

Earth Science can be studied in Wren. So can Cultural Economics, Men’s and Women’s History, Culture Studies, Math, Beauty, Wellness, Music, Art, Drama, Officerism, Masonry, Nutrition, Gardening, Farming, Plants, Wine, Ale, Restauranteerism, Business, Life Skills and Thrive.

Thrive means spry. Spry means well. Well means fly. Fly means brilliance. The moon and the stars and all the planets lined up for this one. This one is you, turtle dove, color scout, owlet, wren.

You are a wren hawk. You are a singer for the tribe. When you come to nutrition and leave disease behind forever you will want to eat you colors.