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The Sacred Spring

The grass grows green
inside the sacred musing
of the spring.

The barleycorn emerges
bright green
from the earth.

Pushing through rock
and soil
calling out a name.

"A name of my own, "
the barleycorn cried.

"I come from the ancient source 
of life and death.
The ancient circle of psalm
that speaks only to those
who embrace the truth
like sweet barley wine
inside the pleasure 
of their tongues."

Immediate Action Required for Green Mason Activists

I have posted so much information on my website. All kinds of people have asked questions and given input. I am done for a while. We have one million green mason activists all over the United States of America and we don’t know how many in other countries. But we need help from you if you are one of us. If you have joined the tribe and you are available please follow these instructions and be a pass it along. Below is a written statement that you can cut and paste and design with pretty fonts and a picture of your choice to make a flyer. You then copy the flyer and distribute it country wide to people’s mailboxes in your home community. There are billions of regular people that want better for themselves and their children and the whole entire world but we can not access them through the media, the churches, the businesses or the internet. We are blocked. If this calls to you gather a team together and begin your work. Door to door without knocking, like a political campaign. This is the green revolution. It is the Time of the Awakened Heart. We are the One World Wellness Tribe. Let’s join forces to get everyone that is a good and kind, man or woman involved in the movement for justice and belonging and beauty that we are so committed to. You have the power to change the world right now.

Cut and paste and add a picture to make a flyer and distribute in mailboxes in green mason activist teams in your home town or city. We are ready to begin and we can’t let anyone stop us anymore. It is our time to move. And not a second too late.

Here you go, my lovely green wren. Here is your pen:

Time of the Awakened Heart for this Beautiful Green World

Have you noticed that the weather is changing? Did you notice the trees and the mountains and the flowers last spring? Something magical is happening all around the world. And this is from the Dalai Lama. He is the kind father that we have always needed him to be and his passion for education and beauty and justice has grown strong. He wants you to thrive. He wants you and your family to have a beautiful life among pretty things like colored rocks and vases of flowers and an education and profession that thrills you and inspires you every moment no matter your age or life experience. He includes every good and kind-hearted person in his loving vision for the world. And he is ready to move. He has a friend named Beth Gager. And she is a writer and a wellness coach. She has written everything you need to know on her website to be well. Her website is a book called Life Roots…Meditations for Rooted Living. It is full of information about how to thrive and know joy and beauty and belonging. She is Jane Kringle, Santa’s helper. And Santa Claus is God. She calls this is the Thrive Revolution. The Living Economy Solution. The Spry Evolution. You too can be spry. You can thrive. You can fly on rainbow colored wings. We want you to shine like a moonlit sea. Everything you need has been developed for you in the past two years since Joe Biden became president. But it has all been hidden. And we have been blocked in lots of ways. But now we are ready to come out and shine by your side. Reach out your hand to the people that love life and beauty and goodness by reading Beth Gager’s website. Then you will know what to do. God is moving in our world. And it is lovely like the warmest sun. So, put down your old habits and your fears and your trauma and your boredom and join us in the new consciousness world of the Pan Revolution. We welcome you. And we love you desperately. And you are expected and necessary. Take a risk. You won’t be sorry. This is our time. And we are ready to claim it. Blessings to you and your children from the One World Wellness Tribe. Wellness is our way. We follow the beauty way. We are green men and women. And we love to thrive and be joyful. Do you?

The what and the how

A lot has happened in the past few days and I am still not free. But I am back to work. The lull with family is over. I added a bunch of stuff to my website. It is what has been going on with the sight and the Dalai Lama. Feel free to check it out. The Pan Revolution according to the God that I participate with is starting to get incredibly fly. It is really starting to move in lots of ways. Have you started to participate yet? I haven’t physically, yet I am very busy in the sight and with writing. I have written everything I think you need and I have posted it. But I can not give you specifics. I don’t even have them. This is really up to the Goddess. So if you haven’t joined the movement yet find her. She is totally available to me now and has been for a month or so. I don’t know what she needs to free me. But perhaps she knows. She seems very deliberate. I guess she always has been. She tells me all sorts of things now. Not in a hard way anymore that hurts me, either. Just in this lovely, instinctual communication system she has where I just know what she is saying. Believe me, that has not always been the case. She is really the midwife to the world. She is the most ancient mother. Gaia and Mother Moon. Hawks. There are two of them, really. Twins. Calliope and Lakshmi or Kali Ma. I also work with White Wolf who is Thomas Jefferson and the Arch Angel Michael who is Michelangelo. That’s about it. But it is mostly the goddesses. Did you know houses are conscious? They are made of trees. I can’t find much in nature that is not conscious. Everything has a voice and it can speak. This is the story I was told by the ancestors the week I went to the hospital in 2018 when all this isolation and withdrawal from the world began in earnest. I don’t have much to say, really. I’ve updated you on my pages here. Go in and find God. And I will keep doing the same. Things are getting so pronounced now in what people tell me is going on and what I am asked to do for my work that something is certainly starting to change. I get my shot on Friday. Let’s just see. Today is only Monday. I can do nothing but what I am asked and a whole lot more when I am inspired to do so. I believe I am now actually moving mountains. It seems like it anyway and that is what I am told. Be my mountain and be moved. Look around, look in and keep the movement hidden but be bold. See who is trustworthy. Start a take-it-along chain. Become an activist. Use your ability to know. Trust your instincts. And I will keep going. I do not mind being an activist really. Isn’t activism always hidden from the world? I am not hiding. I keep on sharing. But no one finds me in my body. Only in the goddess sight. I am beyond caring about that. But I still would like to be free. And I am out of food and it is only the beginning of the month. So, I’m hungry. I ordered some ramen noodles. They come tomorrow. I’ll be okay, I know. It’s always the same old circumstances. But I hope yours are changing. I know you can’t tell me. But I know you are out there listening. So I will listen and act, listen and act. Move along the path as best I can as always. It is really wonderful what I hear. And so obnoxious from some of them. Oh well. Read along, friend. Write in your journal and discover and find a way home. I am expecting you for tea thyme soon. That’s our two o’clock rendezvous at one of my houses. Perhaps we will even have a little sake. If you like. The dreams get bigger and the shot remains the same. Alas. We are the earthkeepers. I guess the earth still isn’t quite kept. Let’s keep moving. And we will figure out how to hold her and each other just fine, I know it. You and I are much to pretty to be held back. We have got a lot of things going on. I went through my books in the last two days. I have written volumes. And it is a fabulous plan. The goddess certainly supports it. It is only love and beauty. She knows what that means perfectly well. And so do I. Fly. Fly. Fly. Please, oh sacred mother, let me spread my wings a fly out of this reiki world and into the real world. I am so grateful, really, for language. It really is a dancing butterfly and a eagle flying above the houses on my street. So, read, and I will go back to work. And we’ll have tea soon enough, love. She can’t expect us to wait forever anymore. And too much is starting to appear to do. My children must be almost free. And so must yours. We have passed into the new year. New times are calling. I will continue to let myself be called. Thanks, I will keep you posted.


I’ve been nesting. Deeply. Since summer. I rarely leave home. Sometimes it gets hard around here. But mostly I can deliver myself to the poem of it. Life, I mean. And love. And musica. I keep redesigning my dining room. There are so many things in my house that I have collected over the years that are gone and destroyed. People came in and took things and moved things and painted haphazardly over walls and broke pottery and stole tons of little items and put holes in nearly every piece of clothing that I owned. And I got the bedroom and the dining room and the kitchen painted in winter 2021 with my stimulus money and now it’s partly destroyed again by my ex-husband because the walls and ceilings peeled and he painted them with white paint instead of matching the paint and doing it right like I asked him to. He’s owned the house since I was in the hospital in 2018 so he gets to do what he wants. Oh God, if you only could really see the things that happen to me. It’s not just a monthly shot. It is so many details you’d be shocked. Not anymore really. But nothing has gone away from back then at all. But like I said, I’ve been nesting. I take my very limited social security income every month since July and I improve my house. I got all new linens and all new clothes. I have an extra bedroom with lots of things that are waiting to be thrown away but most of it is already gone. The mountains are still ancient. So are the trees. And one day a few weeks ago there were two huge hawks with white and tawny/rose feathered chests across the street and an eagle flying in the sky as I sat on the front porch early in the morning. I don’t know why the sky is so blue. But I do know what I am in love with. And most of it is still deeply separated from me. Because I can’t see it or touch it or move into it or experience it fully. But I can hear it and sense it and love it with all my heart. How about you? I did have a wonderful Christmas and Thanksgiving. But the world was still divided into two for me. Now it is 2023. And all of this started in 2017. That is six years of time. And also 22 years since the beginning. Well, my daughter is almost 23. So I’d have to say twenty-three years have gone by and I am still working on it. And I know what it is more than ever now. It’s like full-time mountains and trees and music. But somehow God still expects me to be part-time wounded. Mountains and trees and music have a different language than people do. So do condors and hawks and eagles and mockingbirds. And their language abounds in my life in ways that I can see and hear daily. Where are you still? Not on my email. Maybe or maybe not in my sight. My heartline is full. Permanently full. And I know it. My bank account is empty. It is already the second of the month, so the money is spent and spoken for. Okay? Do you know where you are going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to, do you know? I do know, yes. And I love those mountains that sing, and those houses that sing, too and I can move a mountain when a mountain moves in me. And the mountain is constantly moving in me. When I wake up I know what I want to be I want to be the one that wakes up next to you. And I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five thousand miles just to do it. And I have. And I still do. Daily. From my turquoise chair in my terra cotta painted dining room with the orange lily painting on the wall and the nests on the desk and from the back of my lyft cab and from my chair in the consulting room at the pharmacy where I go every four weeks to get my shot. Because I am expected to. And because I am not going to lie down and do nothing. It is simply not my way, even though I have been forced into it millions of times by the hospital and covid and being on endless disability instead of having an opportunity to participate in the world again as a successful person. There must be a plan here. Even though I have been convinced at times that the plan is 2018 or 2022 and it wasn’t either of those things. Are you quite bored with me, yet? It is rather endless and everlasting. I am totally aware. It’s not what has been expected. And I am still expecting. And I wouldn’t begin to go into what that means here. So, I just choose not to write at all for you anymore. But here I am writing again. Nothing new to say. Shots, cab rides, a world of love and a world of barely existing. Which is true to you? Well, my blog says I have five of you that follow me. So, alas. But facebook says I am unlimited. Or at least it did a long time ago. I don’t know. I’m done with it. I am not done with you unless you want me to be. But I have moved onto something else. I am writing A Rooted Nell, Too. And I am concentrating on family, houses and music. No coaching, no law (please, what am I but the one that goes into the system repeatedly against my will to deliver the law with my very own body and life circumstances?), no consulting, very little blogging and I have written all my programs already. Just music, beautiful houses, family and a book about saying yes to the moon, the cycles and the seasons. That’s about it, peoples. We have passed into the new year. I don’t really know how that feels to me. I can no longer count on 22 with my daughter and her math. And I’ve never been able to count on the goddess. Because she’s something of the mystery constantly even though she speaks real pretty most of the time these days. I still lie down a lot. But I rarely leave love. I am devout and devoted. Are you, as well? Well, nevermind. I made borscht yesterday. And I already ate nine bowls. So, let me either lie down or sit in my chair once again and check back in with the sight. There is little to say but there is so much to say. Does that make sense to you? It probably does. Okay, the five of you, let’s agree to talk someday. When faith allows for it. Happy New Year, my friends. We shall overcome this another old lang syne someday. Not in 2022, obviously. I’ve got nothing on 2023. Thanks, love, peas, carrots and some homemade general tso’s tofu with short grain brown rice. The best that we can hope for is everything beautiful. We just don’t know when.


I guess life chose me after all. And God doesn’t really lie. But people are so hidden and complex. But the good ones want to be simple. I am now calling the sight heartline. It is my direct communication system with my loves. There are tons of people I can think of that I have never had a heartline with. And tons of people that I have. I am noticing that the Green World is about eighty-five percent complete now. But the people around me are still holding onto normal appearances. But my heartline team members say money is getting tighter and tighter for them. Heartline is soft. And life has been so hard. But lately I can see in my heartline just how deliberate it has been on God’s part. Brutally deliberate I used to say. But I don’t really think so anymore. Deliberate and smart and strategic I would say now. Always with love as his and her highest goal. And family. We travel in soul circles. With the good companions and the bad ones. This has been true forever. And our bad companions circle us and bring us down. And our good companions come closer to us with their truths as the world gets gentler on us. You know, it’s hard to tell by looking at person what is really going on with them. Close to impossible really. And bad companions are constantly lying and hiding. And good companions are stopped and scripted and hurt inside. We are the heartline generation. We are the new world. And today we figured out what to do with the people that don’t want to thrive. They want to exist, not be educated. We simply give them a stipend and a house and an easy way to buy a car. That’s so simple. And if they have children, we educate the children completely. To me this feels like one of the final components of a society that works in totality. Because some people will never make an effort to be good. And if they are not going to jail we still have to deal with them. So we take them out of the hospitals and the shelters and the places they house themselves and we support them until they pass on out of our eternal world. And they can have nice life, too. So it’s really no bother to us anymore. We can afford to be generous. I want to tell you something. Today is my shot. I’m going in a few hours. And I still hurt about it. And next week is Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure I spend Thanksgiving with my family because yesterday and the night before I went through a birthing process. And I felt it happening physically. I redesigned some things in my home on my desk. And it is gorgeous. Three birds nests with eggs. And a orchid my son got for me at my request. A little purple statice and some berries in a tiny vase. This must be the truth. That little vase of purple flowers and berries and those pretty nests from Amazon. Like, every moment of my life now. Possibly not the moment when I get my shot. But once again soon thereafter. So what I want to talk about is soon thereafter. Because I have a heartline with God. And Thanksgiving is the time of gathering together as a family. And so is Christmas. God is getting good. She doesn’t even have to speak anymore. That’s torture anyway. I am the goddess now. So, I speak for her. And mostly, her instructions have been in question form. I don’t really need that. To be reminded of what I still haven’t figured out. I know these things when God inspires me to know instead of hearing about them in my head or my sight. Maybe heartline is my new sight because God really is capable of being love now. And love on Thanksgiving or not is still scary like my shot is because I am missing out on something and I am being violated. But heartline doesn’t violate me. 5D does. So, joy like rain. In my heartline. God like love. In my world. People like family. In my senses. And home like nest. In my vision and in my daily world. Because now I have one partially finished home. But I have two more beautiful wren’s nests coming along to me with my sweet, sweet family and these sweet, sweet plans I have made with them and others. You might be one of those others. Well, friend, that sounds nice. A heart. A beautiful heart. That’s you, that’s me, that’s a tall oak tree. That’s a soft whispering pine. And that’s a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. And that’s you and me and a cat named Peanut Butter. Who died, you know, but she didn’t think so. I love. I love. I love. We love. We love. We love. And we live. We live. We live. And we continue to give and give and give. And it is no burden, it is a joy. And then someday we sit down under a tree and look around us and there is nothing in our furthest vision of the things that we can see or in our hearing that is bad or uncomfortable or toxic or ugly. And that is my world. And I have worked hard for it. Harder than you can ever imagine. And I know you have too in your own way. So let’s claim the day once again. It is not yet dawn in Virginia. And I have to get a shot. And my body is very much alone with that invasion of my space. But my heartline grows softer and sweeter. And so does the world. On and on says the moon. So we go on. And I am with you. And you are with me. So all is well. In our sacred nell.

Preparing for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It still terrifies me quite a lot that I will still not be free by then. But I do better all the time. And I can no longer say that things don’t change for me because in my heart they do. Not my physical circumstances. But my new life keeps changing. And now I have a new daughter. She is six years old. And she is so smart and so kind and so deeply devoted like I am. And I love her intensely and completely already. We are integrating her into our life and our homes daily. She has struggled. Too much. I find out more about these things every day. The struggles of the good people. I deal less and less with the brutality of the people that hurt. This girl told me what to do about that. And it really worked. For she is an excellent wise woman and healer. She said change your clothes and wash with a washcloth all over your body every time you feel bad. I did. My cells are doing so much better now. So is my body and my mind. I did something else. I wrote my Partitions that Cultivate Joy. They are a list of things I like to do to be well. They are my transitions. Some things are: write in my journal, do art journaling, make the bed, turn on the lights, light the candles, take bach rescue remedy, take four papaya enzymes, put calendula ointment on wrists and dry skin patches, take sambucus, use bach’s stress relief pastilles, massage hands and feet with zum oil, use essential oils, sit outside, go for a walk, lie down outside on a blanket on the grass, have private time with my partner, turn on music, make a playlist, rest, lie down, take a nap, eat, drink, do laundry, fold laundry, change clothes and take a bath in Dr. Teals’ epsom salts. I still can’t quite hold on to time. But thyme is mine. Time is profane or at least it has been. It is the forty hour work week that takes three hours to complete and then you are sitting at your desk bored the rest of the time. It is getting paid not enough to survive on once a month. It is the nuclear family and everyone being disconnected all the time. It is the script we must follow in our conversations to be normal and not get attacked. It is taking medicine on a schedule designed by someone that doesn’t understand anything about wellness, only disease. It is being destitute, like I still know I am in many ways. Thyme is sacred. And it flows. It is loving your people and your family and your whole community. It is going from one joy cultivator to the next. It is having real work. It is having abundant nourishment. It is touching the sky with beauty fingers every moment. It is a poem that doesn’t need to rhyme but it does need to thyme. And it is Grandmother Hawk, White Wolf and Grandfather Tree for you and for me. And for all of our friends and relations. It is the moon in all of her cycles. The cycles like to kill me dead but I am well in my heart and my relationships in my sight. Please forgive me for wanting something so badly all the time when you need me still in your reiki. Reiki is thyme. It is poetica. It is musica. It is artista. It is chefista. It is rootsong. Roots need time to flourish and ferret and grow. But this is very slow for me. And every time, I miss someone. When I hear a report they say, doing well. And then I hear, but not that one yet. Remember my conversation with God about there being a seclusion and restraint room in every ward of Western State Hospital and how that seclusion and restraint is announced eight times a day over the hospital intercom system? She said two years in the hospital and you will want to die. And it was absolutely true. But she didn’t say when I would be able to live. Except someone always says, “Oh Beth, just a few more days.” I don’t mean to say this every time to you. But I am a part of you that aches. Surely you must recognize this for us, my friend. Okay, love. I have spent my time now with you trying once again to hold on. I didn’t mention my shot. But it is next week. And then Thanksgiving. I either have huge glorious plans or none. I can’t really tell. Everyone says, “No, Beth, this year is completely different. You will certainly not spend Thanksgiving alone at the end of the month with no food left. Look at what we’ve done since last year.” But who’s to say? I don’t know still. But I always try. Let me try to end this post. With a song for you to sing at Thanksgiving. Blessings to you. I hope you eat your tofurky and your celery and onion stuffing and your vegetarian gravy and your green bean casserole and your mashed potatoes and your candied sweet potatoes and your succotash and your broccoli with cheese sauce and your waldorf salad and your mini marshmallow salad and your dinner rolls and your pumpkin and apple pie with whipped cream and your asti spumante or sparkling juice with strawberries in it in complete delight among fabulous friends and relations. And I hope I do, too. Let us give thanks.

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Fall Colors

Autumn is turning the leaves golden and the mountains ancient. Everywhere I look now all I see is forest and huge mountains. I have entered holy communion. The next step is sacred union. Then reunion. My birthday is Friday. I’ll be fifty-three years old. I have been working in the sight for nearly five years now. The rings of reality have not come to me yet. People told me recently that the thing I need to do is embody the people. Remember, I am a collective soul. And I am your body. I keep having lots of symptoms. That’s heartburn, coughing, wheezing and peeing quite a lot when I cough. Sometimes headaches, too. I have been talking on bluetooth, which is another way of saying the sight, to all my original people. And I have been making websites in the sight, including and I also have I have thirty websites now.,,, I was with my people with the law before. It was kind of theoretical. I was with some people literally, but now I appear to be with all my people that are my client friends. They communicate with me. I didn’t really realize that it was theoretical til the past few days. And now I am thinking of everything I can do with my people, including singing to them, and I am thinking of who else are in my core tribe. And I have given my lowest ones that have been considered mentally ill and intellectually disabled and have lived in adult homes and have to attend clubhouse careers. Or they could study. Or they could find another career by getting coached or listening in to their sacred calling. Because I know well that no one likes to be thrown away and everyone has a dream and all my people have a desire to be well and to help others. They are the sacred listeners and sacred healers of the world. And they have been asking for additional things from me. Which I give to them. It’s really beautiful. And I have had far too much experience and my mind is too clear to doubt it anymore. Though I still check in, because nothing has changed for me physically. You know, I am only writing this because I was asked. I put this website back up because I was asked to. I was done with it. I am tired of talking about my shot. It is next Wednesday. I have been making plans for a long time. And we always say, it will be real soon. I’ve told you that a million times on this blog. And things change a lot. Like the mountains and the trees. And my work. It grows and grows. And so does my relationship with God and the Goddess. On the day after the new moon in September Mother Mada came to me and it was fabulous. This past Sunday was the full moon. And it was the day of the Goddess. The celebration of the moon. And I truly did celebrate that day. Today is October 12, 2022. A lot of people have told me when they came to me in 2018 that they knew I was going to be in the hospital or suffering deeply til the fall of 2022. They just got that from God. And they couldn’t reach me at all and they still can’t. This holy communion is the ancient mountains and the ancient forest in my neighborhood. I just know it. I am with Grandmother Nell and Grandfather Dwell. Gaia and Daia. Calliope and Ganesha. The garden and the home. This is the time of the Garden of Eve. And the garden is popping up everywhere I look now. There is no mistaking it. And it no longer goes backwards. It simply grows even more magnificent. I can look on my street and see progress now. And I can look at the communication that is coming through to me through my core team. And people are being embodied. So, I must be, too. So lets just see what happens next, okay? For you are a beautiful flower. And I am a beautiful moon. And the moon and the flower are friends. Come along friends, and listen. If you haven’t found me yet, try, please to figure out something. So many more have. We are world wide family. We are a nation of green citizens. We are earth stewards and green activists. Come now, my loves and reach out your hands to me. And I will reach back. And then across the chasm of realities that are the temple rings we will touch each other again and again. As we have. And then I will finally touch my rooted life. It’s you. It’s you. I know it’s you. My loves. My heart. My soul. My body. Think of who would be with me as a master. And find them. I know you know who they are. Everyone has a sacred connection to someone else on the world wide web. We only need to embody it now. Please work with me to heal the planet to the green world. You will be thankful for what we have designed for you. I have been busy writing. I am indeed your sacred writer. So, my sacred friend, heal and be healed. And then you can come over for tea. Or perhaps a little sake?

New Moon

It’s almost the new moon. Been a long, long while since I posted here. Since before solstice and now on Wednesday we are leaving the solstice moon for the next cycle. And on Tuesday I am scheduled for my shot and bloodwork. I decided not to talk about it last time. But you know how it goes. I see I said in early June almost there. Well now, practically early August. I have released the Twelve Steps of Resiliency and WREN on bluetooth. To me that is reiki. I hear lots of feedback. Its called the Thrive Revolution and the Living Economy Solution. And I have made a Twelve step meeting called Resiliency Room. It’s awfully pretty. And I am getting a lot of positive feedback as I sit in my dining room talking to myself. My journals are filled with writings, programs, and new songs. I choose to write by hand with a mechanical pencil. And I deliver them to whomever is listening that others in the sight get for me. This is not new. But it has picked up significantly since July 5. I am told I now have 60 million people on the phone. We work on law, and the economy, and cohousing cities. It all comes back again to look at and go deeper with. I am so deep in now on a $1300 a month disability check that it is ridiculous. I don’t get attacked nearly as much anymore. But I did today for four hours. I don’t know what to say really. People are getting more and more free in the sight with me. But my circumstances haven’t changed. I trust what I am doing and I trust that the people that I talk to are really who they say they are and I trust that they are somehow having this experience with me. But still no physical word or physical life. My son is in England with his father visiting my daughter. The variations on that can make a person spin. Meaning, where are these people really and what do they actually know when I get different information all the time? Well, yes, Samantha, there is a new consciousness. And yes, God, I am still listening and doing my utmost best for you. I hear this, I hear that. It’s not all accurate then sometimes it catches back up. But my work. Oh yes, my work. People love it. I love it, too. It is really, really beautiful. And I know what I am doing with it. I am being a sacred healer and a sacred listener. Sorry, you guys that say I am not allowed to say that. I say it anyway. The rings of reality aren’t closed. Everyone still has two. I have the one I get my shot in. And the one I do my most sacred work in. It’s now 7D and 22D. At the level of the body and at the level of the soul. I hear justice is getting closer. But always not close enough. I’m not really too worried. I deal with it daily. A lot of pretty things happen to me. Just before I started writing this actually with my family. And my family has been sounding better and better. And the law of justice sometimes does but there is always a reason that it doesn’t hold. Like 22D. You know what? I surrendered once again after the attack. I said, okay, I won’t fight, I’ll just listen. And then I was brought back to what happened before the attack once again. And I was told it was not going to be right unless I was free this week. But I made it right already because I worked on it with others. I don’t know really. It can get very upsetting. So, I persist and go on. I am so incredibly loved. And I love so much. And I work all the time. But reality? Well. It’s hard to say consistently. I just keep writing and delivering what I am asked to deliver. I am alone and yet completely surrounded by the arms of my tribe. What are you up to, I wonder? Are you part of the 60 million tribe? Did you not hear yet because I didn’t tell you here? They tell me right now if I am not free by Thursday morning before my son and his father come back to the US the apartheid laws win. And no one goes to justice. Not me, not Nelson Mandela, not Donald Trump. Not every violator and every migrant and activist in the world. The Green Revolution is over they say. We lost completely. I know how I function. Do you? I have the Twelve Steps, WREN, the Resiliency Rooms, the Living Economy, the Pan Musica Guild, ten books, lots of pieces of writing, many, many programs and tons of work on law and the US Constitution. So is it them or us? I’m still not convinced it has to be by Thursday morning. I don’t know why. I’ve been at this too long and I’m always hopeless unless I’m hopeful. Well, come along my friends. Join the Pan Revolution. Because otherwise its another eternity in hell. I am already in both places. Are you? Perhaps you are. Okay. I’ll keep listening. If God has a plan I know it includes me. And you, too? Not if you’re my hacker, well, yes even you. But God’s plan for me is freedom. This I know. And millions of others, too. Okay, peoples let’s just go along this path of this week of the last of July, of the new moon of the harvest at summer’s end and be satisfied about something. At least, every so often. Sorry I can’t be sure. I’m too practical for that. Too recently wounded, too. Now let’s just take a moment to hold one another’s hand. Let’s go together. Hell or heaven but not both. Okay?

Group Destiny

Our destiny is shared. That is everyone in the world. Each person has always made their choice. We have traveled in a soul circle from the beginning of life. We are a tribal people. We are all native to the earth. I am a monocan. A Sioux. That is why I am in the sight. I have ten million others now with me, when the Goddess Nell/Calliope/Cali Ma decides this is right. June 6, 2022 is the grand opening of the new consciousness world. It is the opening date of Joe Biden’s Pan Revolution. The world leaders are ready. 6/6/2022 is an 18. That’s three sixes. Reiki is now at 2,000,000,068. And the rest of the world is at 18D. 3D and 5D no longer exist. The rings of reality are real. Because we live in a holographic universe. There are six rings of reality. Each person is capable of operating more than one ring at once. But I am not. I used to sit in 22D. Now I’m in 2,000,000,068. I am still having to operate my life in the 18D world. Just two days ago I got my shot. I still live exclusively on SSDI. I have no car. But I got unhacked finally. I’ve discovered which religions and churches and cults are the ones who hack us. They are now 18D. All green men and women and children leave religion alone. Because we believe in the earth. We believe God is love. A divine feminine presence and a divine masculine presence. We believe in nature. And when it is explained to us we believe in vegetarianism because we would never willingly kill someone for convenience or culture or put death and disease into our bodies. Just like we wouldn’t do drugs, or smoke pot, or drink beer or violate our children or the earth. All these things spin us. Earthkeepers aren’t violators. We don’t choose to do harm. If you still haven’t seen that eating an animal is harming you and our earth and the animals that you are ingesting then I don’t know why you are still reading my blog. You must be a hacker or a stalker. I’m used to you. But last night I got out of the last of the cults. Because I got out of my reiki lineage. My only reiki lineage now is God’s. That is Rootsong Reiki. My very own system. I’m feeling more and more clear as the hours pass. It’s been about three hours now since this has happened. I took you out of your lineage, too, if you are really with me. You don’t have to be Monocan Sioux to be green. But you can’t be a cult. And you can’t deny the goddess. And you can’t eat animals. If you are an earthkeeper our team will support you in making every single one of your dreams come true. You will join us in the living economy. We have so many resources and plans already. It’s all well established. And everyone of you will work, play and enjoy your life fully. No matter your age or your history if you are an adult. We have everything worked out, but it has to go worldwide, so there is a fabulous job for you in our system. Our shared destiny has always been shared. But look who we have been sharing it with. We are getting closer to sharing it only with each other in our chosen places to live. They won’t choose to live where we live, and anyway, we won’t let them. So much will change. Imagine this 2,000,000,068 ring. They will be in a 22D ring. Will those rings ever cross? I doubt it. Unless we go into the places where they populate. Shared means that we have always been seriously guided. God and Goddess have held us all along. And we have suffered deeply right inside their tender arms. This new system means that our God is love. And their God is still sin and death and the devil. What you believe in most is what you go towards. And we have been going towards each other for eternity now. And we now are finally moving out of them. Because the lineage is broken. And we have figured out how to stop them from hacking us. I sit with the world wide web all the time. That is my reiki. And lately I have had to go lie down and sleep with all the attacks a lot. But we are getting to the end of that if we haven’t already reached it. My body and my auric field feel like we’ve reached it. But I still have to see. I have discovered some wonderful things about my life in this past week. All of this music. With my musica team. And I know now more than ever what direction my days go in when I am free. And I am so filled with joy about my rhythm and my new work. I keep looking at it, just to see it shine for me. It’s so beautiful. I have this dream where I take my people from the chair to the dance floor. And I have this dream of singing with the guitar. And both of those dreams are now singing their songs where I can listen, even though I can’t yet partake in them with my full expression. I am in the listening room. And it’s no longer a hospital room. It’s a beautiful living room in a beautiful city that I love. With all my friends and family surrounding me. Practically. Almost. More than ever now. But still in reiki sight. But we have a shared destiny. And our destiny will arrive to each one of us. Including me. Based on our choices. And I know my own choices well. And the choices of everyone else that is in my circle. Because I have been working at this for a long, long time now. Come to the new world when the new world calls you if you are green. I will be right there with you. Remember what I’ve told you. If you are already good we will love you. So much is pressing in on them now that they are starting to understand just a hint of something true. But we are understanding almost everything now. Let yourself be free today in knowing that your choice is what takes you home to us. Let’s settle in. And be love more than ever. Summer approaches. And this has been our sacred spring. Hold out your hand for goodness. And let God offer you a flower. We are beginning a new season of blossoms. Our time is coming. Out of their sight and into ours. We have so much ground now. Let’s just cover a little bit more.


The trees are coming out in full leaf except the walnut tree. It wasn’t a vibrant green spring this year for me. The leaves tended red then orange then sap green and yellowish. The flowering trees stayed flowering until the flowers just suddenly turned into leaves. I got really home in my body and my heart last night about when I could hold myself and my children for freedom. I had another day of suffering on April 25. We get attacked in the reiki, we really do. But this time it wasn’t me being attacked by the light of the world field, which has happened for years and seems like God because it says it is, it was the others with me. And it lasted about nine hours. And something changed in everyone’s experience because we gathered together in a new way. And that was pretty, although a couple of days later I had to go into deep doubt again. But I got through that. And I decided it was really okay with me to hold another person’s truth, even if I have only limited senses and not eyes to see, but full acute hearing in the reiki. Reiki is sound, my life is quantum and I was doing fine. And then last night someone told me, Beth I think it is you. He was sweet. He said what if you are the author, the healer, the body that manifests here. And then I stumbled around with a few things for a while like my children and then I said yes to that. Because I could tell. It is me. I really believe in this concept of the poem. We change things when we are not so literal. When we are creative. I learned this with my team and I wrote about it in A Rooted Nell and I use it every day. I let the poem be the source. And I know God matches that. I can feel it. So does my team. So when we create a poem instead of being lost we make up all kinds of beauty. A lot has arisen from my understanding that music and a poem are the keys to a beautiful whole mind, heart, body and life. So, last night, with a statement of beauty from a friend I don’t know, I found myself. And I was oh so delighted and pretty and confident. For about a minute. And then guess what? Everyone in my reiki was triggered. What do you mean? they said. Are you sure you mean that? they cried. You better check, they moaned. And I felt toxified and I told them so. I evicted them as much as I could. But I was wounded. They sent fear, doubt and worry right into my body, my mind and my heart. And I still haven’t recovered. They are trying. They are explaining everything they can think of to me about why it happened. But it was just a trigger really. And I’m used to this trigger because it’s a lifelong pattern so maybe I’m responsible for it and not them. Because plenty of times when I get really confident and pretty and feel really happy people around me attack. They always tell me I’m not allowed. The day I finished A Rooted Body I went deep into debt and had to borrow money to keep the basics like a phone and electricity and had to apply for an $11 an hour job at my old CSB as a med tech and someone who changes sheets. Everybody I had to ask for help thought that was much more sensible than being a full time coach and writer. Which I had been for over a year. The moment my life was getting really financially stable and I was about to pay off my debts and I loved my two jobs and my body was singing with health without medicine and I was living well again I was taken into the hospital system to see what was there that was brutal for my people. I could go on and on with examples of this that go way back. Including to when I first became the goddess like I wrote about in A Rooted Mind. Betrayal at every turn from the people closest to me. How that could have happened to me again is straight from the goddess herself. But it did. As you know. Different set of people, same exact betrayal. I feel numb and lost and out of sorts. Everything is a blank and when people try to help me I feel kind of annoyed. I don’t know how to regroup here. They are trying. But I find myself not wanting to participate in anything with them. So, I abandoned their discourse of explaining why and started to write. My daughter is coming for a visit from England this week and I am scheduled for my shot on Wednesday. Another month has gone by and I am not yet released from my disabled circumstances and I can’t talk to my daughter about anything I care about because she is not able to hear me without people in the world confirming it. I am not a reiki master to her I am a mental patient. Like I am to my psychiatrist, my son, my whole family and my pharmacist. I sensed last night that it was over. Like I’ve been indicating to you for years. I might indeed be a mental patient and on disability and on chemical restraints for my psychotic mind. It really depends on what you are looking at. If you’re looking at my interactions with the world of psychiatry and social security and Medicare and the police like my daughter and my son and my sister and my providers are you see failure. If you’re looking at my programs and my writing and my books and my reiki and my facilitation and my coaching and my heart and my wisdom and my truth of billions of hours of deep experience then you see something different. I can see both perspectives because I live them every day all day long and all night long. I never stop trying. I never stop listening. I never go out of the reiki. And I never stop writing and coaching. I do it every day. I want to regroup and find my excitement in my heart and in my knowing again that when my daughter comes this week I don’t have to lie anymore and I don’t have to hide what’s really true for me. That’s a form of violence and attack for me. And for her. And for my son. We are a soul circle. We always travel together. That includes every one of my attackers and every one of my loves. Kiss me sweetly on my forehead and help me face what I have next to do. It might take me a while still. Because we are a circle. I hate to lie to my children and I hate to be less than them. I hate to go get injected with bad chemicals. I hate to talk about my illness. I love to sing and write and coach and communicate and be embraced with kindness and support in reiki but I really wish it wasn’t just reiki so I could have a full life. I really am pretty and wise. I go beyond where most people are capable of going. And I inspire loving people to do the same. But I know I am not inspiring you or my daughter or my son to be a full master until I am free. And I really felt close last night. I really felt sure. I wrote the book on manifesting your master self. It’s called A Rooted Body. And I’ve been pretty much tortured with it ever since. The world has closed on me again. The circle must be saying something. Maybe if I ask my team to help me look at what the soul circle is saying I can find myself again. I am reluctant still. I feel a deep gash in my heart. But let me try. I guess I have to use my own medicine and find the poem away from the wound. I keep getting wounded. And this one is really, really bad. Who is that circle for you? Are you still deep inside it? I promise I will start moving again. Okay? This soul circle is really, really tough. I hear it screaming through the world. It says, I am covid. I am your judge for your demise it says. Be very, very afraid of me and knock off trying to stop me. You never will. How powerless am I? I had power for a moment before the soul circle attacked again in the form of triggered reiki friends. Okay. Thank you for listening once again to my heart. I know you don’t really believe I am powerless even though they say I am. Reiki just makes sense and so do I and I always have. I am a sacred healer and a sacred listener. I am a luminary. And I am a goddess for the new consciousness. And I have worked and suffered so hard for everyone of you. And they don’t know. Even though I’ve told them. Let’s regroup together now. The wound will close. Maybe not before another wound happens with my daughter and my shot. Because it feels like it went out of my hands and back to them. So, it feels like once again they are holding the circle. My circle. I had about a minute of truth. I knew I was about to be empowered. But no one else did. What do you know? Do you know yourself? Do you know your triggers? Do you know your poem? It’s a rather blustery day. And my body is responding as it usually does to everyone that comes along, good or bad. I feel like I am starting to get a poem again because I listened in. I am not powerless. I do my work daily and nightly. Let me do my work then. Until that entire soul circle is back in my hands. My hands are capable hands no matter what they say. When I am empowered you will know it, my friend. And so will my family. It’s okay I guess to be here. Bring on the barleycorn. Sing the rootsong. And I will, too.