Common Sense

We have to start trusting our instincts as a tribal community. I believe in common sense. Yet our senses have been overwhelmed with brutality and lack. We don’t learn to trust ourselves. In fact, we are told not to. We are not allowed to be our own experts. Children are not allowed to use their instincts and their words. They don’t even have the basic right to decide what to eat or to say no without punishment and angry words. We have no say over our bodies or our education. We are a raped world society. This damages us deeply. To find the green shoots of your soul that have been buried under layers of murky soil and to begin to trust your instincts go in with writing. Use your body roots journal to have a dialogue about yourself. Talk to yourself about how you have been deeply attacked in your belief center. You can find a way. I am not perfect at this yet. But I get better. I try not to listen to the people that have controlled me. Yet, in my body, they still do. So sometimes, like just last night, I have to ask if what I know is true is true. Remember, for me people are invisible. They can come to my house and I can’t see them. I can only hear them in my sight. I can see a different world than the one they describe to me. I’ve been through this fifty million times. It’s holographic. There are two worlds. There are rings of reality. The mountains show me this daily, so do the flowers and the trees and the birds and the lightening bugs. But I am a very practical person. And it’s hard to make sense of, really. Work on your faith by finding others. Like I do. You find me all the time. It’s just not full yet. You have common sense. Your instincts have always been intact. You are like a dolphin. A wolf, you are. Find your wolf sense. And be whole.