Cookie Jar

Chocolate chip. M & M. Peanut butter with Hershey’s kisses. Thumbprint with jam. Plain peanut butter. Molasses. Ruth would say, fruitcake? Sugar with sprinkles. Chocolate chocolate chip. Shortbread. Lemon. Butterscotch. Ginger snaps (with cream cheese please when they are cool.) Gingerbread. Italian shortbread. Butter.

Oh my God, the cookie. Enough said, let’s talk about cake. Why do you need an egg when all you need is a little baking powder? Please look on the web for recipes for vegan cookies and cakes by name. Oh, oh, oh. It’s easy.

You know, sugar has been brutalized. Like us. So has wheat. Don’t let them, those disease, lack, death minded doctors and nutritionists tell you about you anymore. We are vegetarian. Plants and animals support us. Let them. Heirlooms grow. Flour is ancient.

Your glass cake stand with the pedestal likes to sit on the counter to give you a treat. Sometimes the whole tribe needs exactly the same nutrition for our reiki. So have plenty of food available in your kitchen and your storeroom. Go to the bakery once a week. Schedule baking into eat your colors. Buy frozen cheesecakes at the grocery. Sugar, like salt is needed by our system. Sometimes the Acadian rhythms of the earth start to starve us a little. So find an instinct with your community and the people you talk to about what we all need. Because we are all sacred healers.

The grocery store is a divinely ordained temple of joy if we partake in it wisely. Go wild there. Fill your storeroom on Amazon. Fill your fridge at the market. And share often. Eat your colors is an international movement to grace. Grace is a deer in the meadow. Grace is a tangerine in January. And every heirloom knows this. Trust the faerie kingdom to hold us. They love to make plants. Plants sustain us with mother cow.

I say cookie. I say cake. I say grape juice. I say vegetarian steak. Of course there has to be a little brown gravy involved, perhaps some mashed potatoes and maybe even some roasted green beans with garlic.

You are so beautiful, my love. You are a chefista and a dessertiana. I think grace is different now. It is earth based. I have now seen more truth. Let’s eat, drink and make beauty. And have a little dessert. We deserve it. We work hard. And we know that imbalance is caused by not listening and not being conscious. And we are becoming very, very conscious as a tribe. One World Wellness is upon us. Let’s delve in. It looks delicious.