Table Altar

Every day we live our colors by enjoying delicious, nourishing vegetarian food. We are dedicated to the sacred work of art making that fills our bodies with joy. Art making is our kraft practice. When we kraft we hone in on our creativity. This is thrive for the hive and the living economy at its best. Our homes are our nests. We love to root inside of them. When we engage in art making we engage in life. This is the beauty way.

We have the opportunity for beauty every single moment. A table altar is a beauty root. It doesn’t have to be food related but it can be. It is hearth-based, earth-based, abode-based.

Go now to your dwelling place and look around. Take out that pretty calico cloth napkin and that green pottery bowl filled with strawberries. Place a flower bouquet in the center of the table on that old-fashioned embroidered table cloth. Put out your best dishes with your rose-patterned silverware and place two candles on the table. What else does it need to nourish you and I?

Photograph your work with your new lens that fits on your cell phone. See that corner cabinet with that little blue bird next to that brown garlic pot? What is it saying? See that mosaic on the front stoop? How is the sunlight capturing it? See your writing desk? Did you finish the chapter that changes us completely just an hour ago? That orchid and that lucky bamboo plant look gorgeous next to that nest.

Take every moment for beauty and share it with the rest of us. Be the artista you are meant to be and have always yearned to find inside your heart. We love you. You are our beauty way. And we are yours. Tapestry is our place to thrive. Let’s figure it out together. We would love to. Come now, wren, once again pick up your penn.