The Mystery of the Veil

History makes no sense. It just depends on what you’ve heard and where you’ve been. It is all a matter of what you have been exposed to. The goddess has always been beyond a veil. So have our hearts and our words. Let’s let go of our history and keep our traditions. Let’s let go of wounds and rape and abuse and keep our love. History doesn’t really matter if you are safe and it is not repeated. Let’s do our activism work and our wellness work so it is never repeated. Culture Story says it was a different time. And it was brutal. And this is what happened to us and our earth and our animal friends and relations. And it’s okay for us to talk about it. But we are moving on. We have too much to do for our spry to listen to old stories of pain and remorse. We are getting beyond caring as long as the ones who still like sin and death and pain are taken care of and out of our lives. You are a person that has a history. This is no mystery to you. The only thing you need to be mysterious is beauty. I wonder what Santa will give you next? Perhaps he knows, perhaps he doesn’t. But just look around and he’ll let you find out.