Five Roots/Body Roots/Life Roots Dance Practice

Dance is our tribal path to embodied joy. Five Roots/Body Roots/Life Roots is based on Five Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth. It is conscious dance. We use musical playlists and a sacred, safe space to move through our internal work without having to talk about it. We have an altar and sacred tools of the body available to us. It is called Sweat your Prayers. We can be soft and yielding to the rhythms of our lives. We don’t have to battle and resist. We can dance and know love. We can express ourselves in community without words. This is breath and bone. This is sacred. And this is our practice.

We work in fives.

Five Meridians of Dance are:

  • Flow- the breath, moving gracefully and intentionally through the space we are given
  • Staccato- this is very choppy. Foo! Foo! Foo! We are fast and precise in this rhythm. We use this to move forward.
  • Chaos- we go deep into the body’s movements. The height of the dance.
  • Lyrical- we are poetic in our expression, especially with our hands
  • Stillness- a gentle time of rest and transition into our body’s next rhythm

Five Meridians of the Body are:

  • Earth- thumb, big toe, guitar string and line to next the arm to the right
  • Wind- index finger, second toe, guitar string and line next to heart to the right
  • Fire- middle finger, middle toe, heartline
  • Water- ring finger, fourth toe, guitar string and line next to heart to the left
  • Spirit- little finger, little toe, guitar string and line next to the arm to left

Five Meridians of the Body System are:

  • Blood
  • Lymph
  • Heat
  • Breath
  • Electricity

Five Meridians of Music are:

  • Cadence- rhythm
  • Semblance- form, the way things fit together
  • Tapestry- the weaving of the web
  • Thyme/Tempo- timing
  • Presence- the sacred that moves us

Five Meridians of Sense are:

  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Sight
  • Hearing