Our Five Meridians of Magic

These are our things we love to do best. This is my list.

  • Home/ Hearth/ Filling the Cup/ Private Time/ Rest/ Family Learning Time
  • Family/ Delight/ Quality Giving and Receiving Time Daily
  • Herbalism/ Midwifery/ Nell Studies/ Writing/ Coaching
  • Music/ Musica/ Song Writing/ Singing/ Barleycorn Time
  • Music Therapy/ Website Work/ Wellness Work
  • Playlists/ Dance/ Five Roots/ Body Roots/ Life Roots
  • Nature Time/ Bird Time/ Outside Time/ Fresh Air/ Rocking/ Lying in the Grass
  • Walking/ Expeditions/ Going Out/ Driving Around Town
  • Shopping/ Abundance Time/ Recipe Research/ Studying
  • Krafting/ Deeply Creative Time/ Altar Time/ Design Time

Our Family Vision Statement

Our agreement as a tribe is that we are krafters. Like vintners. We make beautiful wine. And that includes every detail. We drink from the cup of life. This is really our nest. We have certain growing traditions. To blossom we need nourishment with each other and in our rooms. I share my room with Charlie. He shares his room with me. We share our house with our children. Music is on the vine all the time. Which means it’s always growing. Blessed be our family tree. And let us touch our faces to the sky with delight daily and often.