Soundtrack Studio

There is a way for you to schedule your time if you need to. I call it soundtrack studio. I work so much in the flow of what is asked of me and when I need to rest that I do not have a schedule really, except I always start my work around six o’clock in the morning and rest around four. And I work a lot at night sometimes after I have slept for a while. My soundtrack studio goes something like this when I am free to move about the world:

Beth’s Soundtrack Studio

  • Monday and Tuesday- musica
  • Wednesday- wellness work
  • Thursday- coffee house in the morning, wellness work
  • Friday- Rootsong Music Therapy in the morning, Tea Thyme at two o’clock
  • Saturday- Family Thyme, wellness work as needed, going to the grocery store
  • Sunday- Crockpot Sundays, wellness work as needed

I am quite busy these days. And I have to be flexible. But I’d really love to have time for my music in addition to coaching and writing and doing my wellness work. I’ve let go that I have to be specific, because my work requires me to be open and flow with what is needed by the people I work with. You can make a chart with specific times if you want to. Do it the way that makes the most sense. But be open to change because flow is sacred thyme and old ideas about work and time no longer serve any of us. We have the right and the opportunity to make our own schedules now, all of us. Make it to cultivate joy.