If You Need a Doctor- The Color of Wellness

There is a lot of basic medical dysfunction and hardship all over the world. Almost everyone is on some kind of prescribed medication or supplement or both. Disease focused medicine is our science and the basis of our economy and our culture. Some of it is secret among families, regimes and certain types of practitioners. A lot of it is mass produced medical treatment and educational information through the internet and books and being in a doctor’s care. Everyone is expected to have a physician that they rely on for every health related issue including regular check ups. Hospitals and medical practices stay full. Pharmacies thrive.

If you find yourself with a health condition that needs attention and you are finding a soft place to rest here with me don’t worry or be afraid anymore. But you will need help and it is available world-wide. And you shouldn’t try to do it alone or in the traditional system where it started for you.

My system is the Life Roots Healing System. It is based on empowerment. I never address you based on what is wrong with you. I only see you as the bright shining star that you are. And I will forever be available to you to encourage you to thrive and know incredible joy. You are mine and I am yours. Your most clear and beautiful life is something that I hold as precious in my heart. There are tools here in these pages and in my books and programs that you can use to be well. Rich, lush vegetarian nutrition, wellness work, writing in a body roots journal, attending a Wren Center for group programs or doing them online, studying and reading my work, releasing trauma and learning to do the body scan meditation along with simple wellness practices like I describe under The Thrive Revolution are all going to add up to wellness for you. I have been working at this for a long time. And I have given everything to my own wellness or I wouldn’t be writing to you right now. But you might still need someone to guide you out of your deep battle with addiction, illness or life circumstances that harm you that you know are still out of your control. If so, there is a way for you, too.

We are calling the new medicine Wren. And it bypasses every medical, psychiatric and legal issue that is not working for you and every other member of our One World Wellness tribe through in person activist supports and the new sacred laws that are being enacted. We are the Thrive Revolution. You do not have to function alone and we don’t want you to. The way to find your support team is to proceed with what you can from this website and keep it small and scripted with your old practitioners and respond openly and willingly to the One World Wellness Tribe activist that finds you or that you find. This movement is so paradigm shifting of the deeply established brutality and lack based system that oversees everything we do that we need to move together as a team.

If you are a green mason activist and a sacred healer you can go on the ground to hospitals, neighborhoods, churches, community organizations, schools and places of employment and seek out people needing help. If they are unwilling to follow the Dalai Lama they will tell you right away. Screen them. Read to them from this website. Or make notes for yourself of your key points. Give them resources. And answer questions. If you are a pass it along find a way to be on email and on the phone and on text. Feel free to make handouts but use my exact words by cutting and pasting from this website. Credit is to the Dalai Lama and Beth Gager. If you get resistance move away. It is not our job to convince people to be well. It is our job to educate and offer a safe, sacred place to thrive.

Everyone has their place in this tribe that chooses it with their whole hearts. Find yours. And if you need help it’s fine. Then you become a helper. But help is not medicine or tests or health insurance or nursing or case management for us. It is real life empowerment. We are all responsible for ourselves. I cannot say this enough. And the people that want someone to be responsible for them will continue as is. But if this is not you because your heart is telling you that you need something better for yourself and you are finding it with us join us. And we will welcome you into the tribe. And we will help you.

If you are reading this and you are so severely isolated that you can’t think of one single person that would help you I know that you are wrong. You educate someone that is smart enough to figure it out with you by giving them this information. Everyone has a way to join the tribe. But you might have to do something brave that at first seems hard.

To my green mason activists I would say use your brilliance to shine for the ones you feel most called to. We can do this. And we shall. Wren healers will support all of us in getting out of the old systems. We are moving together. Let’s just continue on in our brilliant way. We shall overcome, my loves. We shall overcome.