Body Scan Meditation for Men

This meditation is for scanning your body to create wellness through knowing what is true for your health. It can be used to discover the roots of birth trauma, hip dysplasia from forceps delivery, gout, osteoporosis, tattoos, piercings, circumcision, allergies, arthritis, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, self harm, cutting, hurtful relationships, lupus, heart murmurs, styes, bad vision, old injuries, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, strokes, addiction, blood clots, amputations, nutritional deficiencies, cancer and any other health issue. If you have a hard time with images focus on the words. They are images, too. Language is reiki. Use your body roots journal to dialogue with yourself after you complete your scan to find your way out of the trauma that causes your ill health and the imbalance to your system. Do it as much as you need to thrive and be well. All trauma is healable. Excellent vegetarian nutrition is also vitally important and necessary for our well-being. So is consistent wellness work.

Picture a round pink ball two feet above your head. This is the moon. It has a thick white taproot coming out of its center. The taproot has a gold cord for Pan and a silver cord for Michael around it in a braid. The white cord goes up to the moon in the center of the sky. Mada San. Lakshmi. Kali Ma. Grandmother Hawk. Mother Moon. Luna. Ganesha. The ancient healing midwife to the world. Your personal healer. And your guide to spry.

Allow the taproot to come to the top of your head and through your skull. You have a forebrain, a hindbrain and a midbrain. In the center of your midbrain is your amygdala. What does this look like? Is it a mass of fear and snakelike vines? This is anxiety and addiction. Is it grey? Why? It should be a white, clear moon-like oval. Find out why if it is not.

Bring the taproot down behind your eyes. How are they? Is there stress and pressure? Are you doing fine with strain? Are you at ease? Is there an eruption? Itching? Burning? Watering? Dryness? A sty? What is it caused by? What don’t you like seeing? How can you handle this? Has your vision been stolen? How do you get it back? Does it get blurry, clear, blurry, clear? When did you first lose it? Why? What is the veil in front of your eyes?

Bring it to the back of your throat. Drop it down your spine. Check out your lungs and heart.

Drop into your belly. Notice your internal organs. How’s you liver? Your spleen? Your gallbladder? Your stomach? Your colon? Your intestines? How about your kidneys? Your bladder? Your pancreas?

How is your urethra (where you pee from)? Your pubic area with the hair is called your mound. We start growing hair on our pubis and under our arms and differently on our legs and men’s faces when we transition into young adulthood. A woman never has to shave. We don’t have to cover our nipples with tight padded bras. We can wear lace camisoles, lace tank tops that are pretty and nothing under our tops. How is your penis (your cock)? Your testicles (your sack)? Are they too droopy or too tight? Are they sore? Do you have wisdom teeth? This causes soreness. Get them removed. If you are circumcised do you have a nice little bloop on your penis now? A foreskin? Check by looking when you are done scanning. If you have a scar on your penis from having it cut under the replaced foreskin or in the full circumcision or have had your foreskin forcibly retracted so the tip falls out take a warm wet washcloth and lay it over it when you are lying down once or twice a night until it heals. You might have a suppository from surgery or a colonoscopy in your rectum if your penis or your testicles are sore. Eat a ton of vegetables and grains and fruits and wait for it to come out when you poop. Just watch for it. Scan and see what it is doing in there. If you don’t feel pleasure or you don’t have a partner you can get pregnant you are not ready to have sex. You can feel the skin on your penis to see if it feels pleasurable to determine readiness. Never have sex with someone you don’t know or like. This is extremely violating and traumatic. Making love is a sacred joining of a man and woman. Treat it with respect. Keep your integrity in your body intact. The sponge will be available as birth control for women and you won’t need to use spermicidal chemicals with it. It will be called Nest. It’s just a little plant, a moss that grows easily. It has been use forever by women in some parts of the world. It is from the wise women of the tribe. The wise women are the good midwives and the herbalists, and it always has been so but they have been taken out of our system by fear minded birth practitioners. Rape is just as common among men as it is among women. Don’t think you are alone if this has happened to you. No one has ever really touched you. There is a line in you that can’t be crossed and it never has been. Trauma from pornography and the the way women with hips and breasts and men of different sizes are treated by the clothing industry will pass along from all of us. Skinny jeans are brutal on all of us. People do not have to be anorexic or bulimic or fat or compulsive anymore. People that are extremely thin or extremely fat wear their pain on the outside. They are molested. Just be conscious of what your story has been, do your healing work and you will be fine. You are stronger than any rapist or molester and you always have been. Rape is rampant in every culture for women and men in multitudes of ways that go on and on. Try to find a pair of pants or underwear on amazon and you will know what I mean. You are not alone and you never have a reason to be ashamed. But you can talk to a safe person about it. You never have to discuss it with your attacker. Just follow their script until you can get away from them. Even if it means they still touch you physically or verbally. You are too pretty to worry about things like this and far too resilient. They are after you for your beauty. Don’t let them harass you anymore in your truth about yourself. You are like father manatee. Manatee means breast. Some day you will be the best father in the whole world and you will be so thrilled in every way to be a man. You are already wise. Let yourself shine a little for the tribe. Breast feeding is the best thing for a baby. There are no rules. Let your wife nurse until your little one decides he or she wants to wean. My son nursed until he was four. It was lovely for both of us. Any little disturbance can be resolved from just a little nursie sit down. Babies don’t need bottles unless they are adopted. If you have a baby that is being violated in any way you have no reason to keep them in that situation with their mother or whoever is violating them. Stand up for them and take them away and get a team of people to help you. A person that doesn’t get to nurse does not develop their jaw and tongue muscles properly and does not get natural immunities from their mother and father and does not develop taste buds correctly. A baby doesn’t have to eat and shouldn’t have a pacifier. A baby that nurses without interference and is a vegetarian is a master of food, can easily be a brilliant chefista and knows everything about nourishment. Let them decide when to eat. They will grab for food when they sit on your lap if they are interested. Good things to start with are bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes. Tortilla chips cause choking and can get caught in the throat but everything else you eat yourselves as the parents is fine as long as it makes sense in size. When a baby is ready for a beverage they can use a sippy cup. This is not necessary, really, but your baby might like to hold a cup after six months of age. They like the ones with two handles. Nursing is a mother’s and a family’s joy and delight. It is the best thing you can do for your baby for life. Women can have babies much longer than is culturally accepted. Women bleed for varying lengths of time. It is hard to say when your wife will stop. She does not bleed for a long time after she gives birth if you are nursing naturally. She can use Nest after a year for birth control. IUD’s and abortions cause infertility. Figure out your trauma if you want to have a baby and can’t. Your baby chooses you. Birth is no accident. Have a dialogue with your unborn child. Ask for his or her name. The new souls are River, Leaf, Rain, Forrest, Meadow, Fern, Luna and Micah. Talk to the sacred mother about your baby and your birth process in writing or instinctively. Start a birth journeys journal. We have both men and women midwives starting to be trained. We need both, but women are best at being present for birth with the mother. Men midwives support the father. The husband supports the wife. Birth is a joyful, safe, instinctive journey into the sacred. So is making love. This is the way of the Monocan tribe. If you are struggling to communicate with your partner but you want to stay married start a notebook that you write back and forth in. Be clear and honest. Express what is true for each of you. Go on date nights at home or out or go out to lunch or coffee. Shop at the grocery store together, bake bread, cook and fill your weekly bowl, have Crockpot Sundays, be beauty stewards as a team, fill your storeroom with good food from Amazon, read aloud in bed, light the candles and listen to music on Pandora. Make playlists. Light the candles in your bedroom at night to settle down together and look at your pretty things as you lie down to rest. Dance in the living room. Blue Jay’s Dance and The Midwife’s Story are good books about birth for families wishing to conceive. Don’t feel obligated to stay with a partner that always hurts you. People that like to hurt don’t wish to change. You are too precious and have too much to do to stay wounded in relationship. The same is true for your children.

Now focus back into your body and bring the taproot out of your perinium. That is the space between your testicles and your anus. Send it down into the earth. Two feet below your feet there is another moon. Mother moon. She is blue. Send the taproot from the blue moon into the center of the earth. There she is a big round white moon. A crystal.

Roots and rivers in your body, roots and rivers in the earth. Now picture your veins, your arteries, your tissues, your muscles, your ligaments, your tendons, your bones, your joints and the beautiful webbing of your skin that you can see when you look at your hands as your roots. These are your tendrils. They go deep into the earth. There are pockets of water below the ground that the trees tap into. The whales and the manatees have oxygen-filled caves and tunnels in the earth. The nazis know about these and they blocked them. But now the ancient whales are free once again to leave these tunnels and travel the earth. Nahomi is an ancient black whale. Nehemeth is an ancient blue. They are the sacred mother and the sacred father. Nahomi has little baby Nemeth and his twin in her belly.

The elephants and the whales are the most ancient gods and goddesses of the earth. They were created in the beginning. They migrate around the planet to hold the mason lines we need for the earth to be well.

End by lying in your bed on your back. Find your right hip bone. See if it hurts. Let it release. Then lift your left arm up next to your ear. Find the groove in your armpit. See if it hurts. It should. Let it release. Then do the same on the opposite side but you might not notice anything. This balances the body because it is the central meridian point for ambulation (which is walking) and for the use of the arms and legs.

Take the information you got from your scan and write a dialogue in your body roots journal. Figure out what is going on to cause imbalance. Have a conversation with each part that you noticed was out of balance in some way. Your body is a naturally healing organism. It wants to be well. And it will guide you in writing on how to heal. This is the voice of your body.

If you are addicted to cigarettes or tobacco products or marijuana you can take three puffs of a Newport Light menthol cigarette outside to relieve your stress. You open up the cigarette when done and give some tobacco to the earth and the ancestors and say a prayer. Go inside and light a candle. Then rub your hands and feet with Zum oil. Take Flintstones vitamins. Proceed with your transitions that cultivate joy. You are a spiritual seeker and a religious scholar if you need cigarettes to hold a ritual for yourself daily. Transform this into your sacred medicine and your sacred calling by becoming conscious. For alcohol addiction use a beverage such as a mocktail, a bottle of Orca soda, a hot toddy or a Monin spritzer. You can also make a beautiful meal, set the table and photograph your table altar and share it. For pills use hard candy, mints and tic tacs. For over-exercise use music, making playlists, dance, chair yoga with roots and nature. For overeating or starvation use art journaling and studying. For obsession and compulsion wash with a wash cloth, change your clothes, and use rescue remedy and a pastille and lie down with a wet washcloth on your forehead to calm down your amygdala (the fear center).

You are now on your way to wellness if you choose to be. To be well you eat an abundance good vegetarian food and do your wellness work. That’s all. Sitting outside in the fresh air counts as exercise, so does a little walk, so does lying in the grass on a quilt, so does gentle chair yoga with roots. One of the best things to do in chair yoga is ankle and wrist rolls. This opens up the meridians. The body is a simple person at heart. He or she likes attention and inner wisdom. Our instincts are always with us. We just haven’t been taught how to use them. Now you are learning. You will be fine. It is the choice that matters. And you are making it right now.

You have what you need inside of you. Find your way to your most clear and beautiful life and we will join you there as we find our way to ours.