Mind Roots

I have been asked to write you a guide for being well. I am well but I am still confined. Friday I receive a shot of prolixin in my arm. It lasts four to six weeks they say. It is the oldest form of anti-psychotic medication. I have been off medication and on it again about six times in the last twenty-two years. I don’t have a good history with going off of it, no matter my method because I end up back in the hospital. The same thing would happen to me right now. I am not saying I go out of my mind with psychosis to earn a trip back to the hospital. I don’t. I don’t get manic or psychotic. But I get tdo’ed and taken away in handcuffs from my home. And I stay at the hospital for a very, very long time.

My inner source says I know a lot about wellness. And of course I know everything about the hospital and going of one’s medication, even over nine months with a doctor. It is not allowed by our society. But I think that as you read this, you are being supported by a new society. By the society of the Department of Justice and the growing Life Roots tribe. But make sure you know this. Check with someone, your DOJ attorney and the people that support you in thriving. The society of the DOJ and the Life Roots tribe say no more forced treatment. No more locked wards. No more chemical restraint. No more state or local hospitals. No more psychiatrists. No more bad doctors. No more nurses. No more police officers taking you away in handcuffs from your home. No more disease. No more medication. Just live, learn, thrive and be joyful and well in a beautiful, kind, loving community of other green mason activists.

I have a program called Roots and Visions. This is a way of making sense of experiences that are called wrong, psychotic, manic or delusional by the people around us. I have another program called Wren. And another program called the Twelve Steps of Resiliency. These are facilitated programs. They are trauma release programs. I have confidence in all these programs and all the other things I have designed for you.

Wren is a wellness process. Wellness is a work process. You can’t choose fear, anxiety, worry, bad eating, not working, bad relationships, powerlessness, addiction, cults or coasting through and taking hand-outs with greed and be well.

I don’t believe you can choose to eat meat or chemical laden food and be well. Because you are taking on the suffering of the animals and the earth.

I believe you need to connect with nature and rest. I believe you need to follow your sacred calling. I believe you need to work and be fulfilled. I believe you need to get away from toxic people and environments. I believe you need to apply yourself every day to your wellness. If you want to have a life that allows you to thrive you need to be responsible for that.

I did tons of work with God, the Goddess, people in reiki and the angels to free the soul places at level twelve so we don’t have to experience any kind of psychotic or manic-like states anymore. This is described in Self Harm as the New Sacred Medicine and Roots without a Substance. These states are often caused by the acid people give us in our homes and our offices but there have also been voices, visions, cult dreams, bad food, bad words, traumas and healing states that take us into our souls. I have had lots of experiences, too many to count with the soul.

You have a soul. So do I. So does everyone that attacks in the soul world. So does every violated and murdered animal, tree, plant and mountain.

The soul world was a wreck. Damian and Grey Bear with a band of cultists that are very, very ritualized held it. Real people that are religious that were attacking everything good and still want to.

Souls talk. Animals talk. Trees talk. At level twelve in the chakra system. That is the sound string. We have twelve chakras. Level twelve is the soul world. Here everyone talks and listens. And a lot of people attack and send apparitions. And this is a holographic universe. There is a field that spins in a counter-clockwise direction. That is what I am in. It’s the field of the old consciousness that is brutally unjust. There is field that spins in a clockwise direction. That is the master field of the new consciousness and the green world. I can’t see people in the master field but I can hear them in the sight. They can see me. When God finds it necessary for justice people from the counter-clockwise old paradigm field interact with people in the master field for justice purposes as we work to free ourselves to the master level. This always comes as a very serious attack on our reiki. We have all suffered immensely with it. And right now as I write this we still feel it. And I am not yet free and I have no idea when I will be. But it keeps getting better and it has for a while. We are joining together as the One World Wellness Tribe. We will all be masters when we are done with the old systems and all this attack we experience.

I have spent about three years of my life in the psychiatric hospital. I have been taken away from my house in handcuffs numerous times in the worst paddy wagons, last time by six armed police officers. I was doing nothing but sitting in my chair.

I have been in restraint chairs, strapped in so tight I could barely breathe. I’ve been on the cold floor with no mattress in a seclusion room. I’ve been injected so many times for no reason. I’ve been on eight minute checks and violence protocols. I’ve been starved and given no decent water. I have been stood over while I had to get on my hands and knees to mop up a floor with a faulty drain. I have had freezing cold showers and showers that last nine seconds at a time. I’ve lived for months in one set of clothes.

And I have had plenty of judgment from people that were supposed to be my closest friends and family members. They all told me I was wrong. And I experienced the consequences. And yet I am asked to know my place with you. The body is a natural healing organism. It is always looking for balance. It always desires wellness. Now you have the tools to achieve it. A lot of things are changing now. Use your instincts about your medicine. Do your wellness work. And make sure no one is going to hurt you.

I am responsive to wholeness. But I am also responsible to you. I am responsible to these people that want to free you that have asked me to write for you. I am not afraid to go off my medicine. I just can’t until the world is safe for everyone and I have an attorney protecting me physically by email, text and in person. You may or may not be the same. Find out. I am not afraid for me or for you. When society changes all sorts of things are possible. We can’t be stopped from our wellness. We can’t be prevented from thriving and being spry.

We are building a wellness culture. We are vegetarian because it is kind and just and just right for our health and wholeness as green men and women and children. If we are honest with ourselves and do our work we will surely overcome everything that has ever traumatized us. So do your work and be well. And seek out the tribe. That is the best thing I can say to you about medication. Nothing to stress about, just plain common sense and education. We are developing our tools. Let’s use them together. When I am free you will be, too. And then we’ll have tea. That’s my wellness promise to you if you wish to join the Life Roots tribe and the One World Wellness Tribe. No worries, really, just embracing the team in a way that counts deeply.