The Joy Body

Every body knows both pleasure and pain. The joy body is the new consciousness master self. The pain body is the old world ordinary self. Those of us that are in the Rootsong Reiki system are now developing our joy bodies. I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my bladder and that is my root system. And when I cough and wheeze and have heartburn it is because someone is telling me not to speak and those symptoms are in my throat chakra but also my root chakra because I pee when I cough. I just was able to breathe deeply through my mouth and send my breath into my root where I experienced pleasure. And then it came back into pain. The reiki is getting very healed and strong now. We are sending our message around the world. There is still more justice that needs to happen. People that choose bad things are still operating normally. And like we said, a lot of them have a lot of power. The systems and the homes and the businesses aren’t yet falling into the arms of justice. But our arms are wide open these days. And their minds and hearts are closing down more and more as their deeds get worse and worse. Everybody has already decided. It’s not even a decision, it’s a fundamental way of living and operating in the world with everyone and everything that we touch moment by moment. The joy body likes to sing. To find your joy body look inward once again. What is your root saying? Mine is saying, “Ouch!” but now it can also say “This feels good!” I can go back and forth between the pain body and the joy body now. I am holding the reiki for the world. Some people are blocking the reiki from the rest of us. Some people are beginning to listen and heal and they are releasing bad habits and painful stories and painful symptoms. I experience it all. My throat is getting better because more and more people want me to talk. I have been completely silenced for a very long time. And no one asks me anything except, “How are your symptoms of mental illness?” My medication only case manager told me I went off my medication. I assured her I did not. But it was in my record. I am getting close to freedom. Because you are and you are my people. My conversation with God said I had to use my voice to free all of you because you couldn’t do it for yourself. That was a long time ago. Years. My life has been on hold. And people control me in my body and often they have controlled my mind. I have been forced to listen to nonsense. Over and over again. I just did today. Because someone else said, “I do not care what you say. I’m doing it the way I want to.” And they had very sick bodies and minds. The good people and the bad people have very sick bodies and minds. I am always working on wellness. What have you been doing? I want my joy body to take over my pain body. I sense it right there starting to try. What about you? I can’t do it without you if you have chosen good. The grace of God won’t let me leave you. Physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally. I still hear every out word and deed in my root and in my mind. I am trying to use my voice for you. But I can’t really send them to justice. It’s not mine to do. I have to come to justice myself in my life circumstances and in my body. This is Rootsong Reiki. This is the Life Roots Healing System. It’s work. I know. And I will not be free of it until the work is done. I know. I try not to mind. But I am human. And I do mind. I have my path but yours has joined mine. And it’s always been joined. I am from the temple. I am Kali. I am Hawk. And now I have learned enough to be Three Hawks. But I am still Kali. And she is the evil goddess for religion. But I am not evil. And I am not Beth Green, the Nazi. I am a mother. And a writer. And a teacher. And a coach. And a musician. And an artist. And a healer. I have to wait for you, love. And I am. My joy body doesn’t last. Does yours?