The New Definition of Vitalism

Herbs are foods. Vital means spry. Plants are very accommodating to careful hands. They love to be adored. Garden nells can thrive with our love and gentle encouragement. If we are gardenistas, farmers and herbalists we must take care of the earth, the soil, the animals, the plants, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans and our people. This is simple. It is heirloom. Vitalism is heirloom. That means we follow the old ways and use the old seeds. We are constantly seeding the earth with our choices. What is your choice for permaculture? It is what you like to eat and place in vases on your table altar and in pottery pots on your window sill. There is no such thing as a chemical because all substances come from the earth. Medicine is all plant-based. Pharmacies have been the disease-driven centers of our society. We want to go back to an older time. Disease is all we have ever talked about as an herbalist community. Sickness is optional if we are able to find balance in our world and our bodies. People have gotten sick. Who nurses? Who is not circumcised and vaccinated? Who has had a safe birth? Who is vegetarian? It starts from the original cellular condition. What were your cells given? Who in our world is trauma-free? Who has only been on earth as a living being for just this time around? Vitalism means use your heart, your wisdom and your instincts. The earth is a mother. So is the moon. They are wise. Listen to them. And be vital and spry.