To Quit Smoking or Drugs

If you are addicted to cigarettes you can take three puffs of a menthol cigarette outside in the yard. Only at home. You then take the tobacco out of the cigarette and give a little to the earth. If you are addicted to something else like colace, ring a Tibetan prayer bowl instead of using the cigarette inside in a chair. But give a little something, like your addictive herb or some dried rose petals or lavender flowers to the earth. Place your colace or your drugs in a ziploc baggie with water and throw them out in the trash. Then go inside (leave your cigarettes outside on the porch or place them in a box or something) and light a candle on your altar. Then proceed with your Partitions to Cultivate Joy. You need ritual, that is what you are mostly addicted to. It calms you down. Don’t be afraid to nourish yourself fully now. Hard candy and something to touch in your pocket is nice. You can also consult your clutter box.

Chicory, which is like coffee and comes in the tea section or on amazon is good with half and half and sugar and can be made in the coffee pot. This helps settle down cravings and is recommended frequently for coming off things that are addictive.