Your Constitution

Everybody has a familiar. This is your animal helper. Mine is hawk. Everybody has a constitutional plant. This is the plant you need to be balanced. Mine is food plants that are vivid colors like beets, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, brown rice, chard, spinach and blueberries. Some people are flowers. Some people are trees. Everyone can go into their balance point around forty-eight or fifty years old to become a wise man or a wise woman of the tribe if they have the right foundation. People can do it sooner, there is no reason to be unwell, but we have to have the support we need. I tended to go out of balance by being too pure with my diet. I went three years without eating bread or pasta or cookies or chips. And I went three weeks without eating fat. So, I had an acute gallbladder attack and my wisdom teeth got infected at the same time. Two surgeries resulted. But basically, I have been extremely healthy my whole life, and I haven’t ever been on any medication except an anti-psychotic from people overdosing me on acid. And that is with my wellness work and my varied vegetarian diet.

We all need the same exact thing to thrive and be well, no matter if we are food, flower or tree. We need an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers and plants. I had so much of this growing up. I am so thankful for my mother. She was a good farmer’s wife. I always had plenty of farm fresh fruit and vegetables in season and she always had house plants and flowers. She kept her poinsettias alive all year. This is why some cultures have a lot less illness than others, because it depends on the nutritional and gardening foundation. Black people tend to have white foods. So do a lot of white Americans. Asians have a lot of rice and a variety of vegetables and tofu and garden plants. Europeans have a lot of variety of fruits and vegetables and cheeses and wines and ales and garden plants and flowers.

So, we all need to eat our colors. And live our colors with our beauty way. Put fresh flowers on your table. Shop often and well. Always have a lucky bamboo plant and an orchid in the house. This is the way to wellness. Follow the path to the earth, little wren. You understand the plants, because they are your faerie friends.