Individual Wellness Campaigns- Color Conferences

These are our campaigns that we spread worldwide. Our International Vision Statement is Restoration, Rejuvenation, Replenishment, Renovation and Nourishment. It is also Classical Education for the Earth Based Learner in Community. We also like to use the words lovey and greenista.

We put our vision statement on every conference handout. Our conference stewards and the Green Conference Guild will design the following campaigns as conferences and we will have frequent conferences based on them. Business musicans will be a part of the day and vegetarian breakfast and lunch and a snack will be served. Conferences will be from 9am-3pm. We will have bumper stickers, stickers for laptops and refrigerators and guitar cases, gift card door prizes and special gifts for participants will be given out. Our current campaigns are Wren, Nest, Root, Colors, Beauetica and One Life… One Heart… One Community and One Body… One Mind… One You. Conferences can have many or just a few attendees and can be at hotels, community centers, mental health centers, homes, mason lodges, sanctuaries, Wren Centers and Lawns.

These campaigns can also be used individually and in groups as writing prompts for Writing for Wellbeing like the Twelve Twelves are.

  • Eat your Colors- Nutrition for a Well World and a Well Life
  • A Rooted Wellness- All Kinds of Journaling Exercises for the Rooted Soul
  • Kindred Species- All Our Friends and Relations Come Home
  • Racism Dies with Us- We are Thrive
  • Things that Last- Understanding the Way Beauty goes Tidal
  • Rhyme your Way Home- Partitions and Poems that Take us into the New World
  • Sacred Thyme is Our Team Rhyme- Basing our Life Work upon the Seasons and the Moon
  • On Being Green- The Beauty Way for Green Mason Activists
  • Wellness Traditions- Becoming Well one Choice at a Time
  • Resilient, Whole and Spry- Twelve Steps as a Sacred Path
  • Hammer and Saw- Carpentry as a Way to be Green
  • Shed Line in the Neighborhood Nell- Masons Decide How to Join Together with their Tools and their Work
  • Krafting throughout the Year- Developing a Kraft Way in the Center of Town
  • Spry Studio- Mechanics as the way to Green Living
  • Five Roots- Dance as our Spiritual Home
  • The Green Steward- Growth and Understanding as Life-long Stewards
  • Classical Education for the Earth-based Learner- Homeschooling is our Tribal Way
  • Dakon University- The Studying Way
  • Thomas Jefferson University- Making a New History through Learning
  • Taking Back the Lands into the Hands of the People- Sioux Speak the Justice Code
  • A Thanksgiving Table for Love and Beauty- Sharing Recipes, Wares and Traditions
  • A Christmas Celebration for a Community that Thrives- Using the Whole Month of December for the Family to Nest
  • A New Year’s Tradition for an Intentional Life- A Feast that Brings us into Our Colors for the Year
  • Culture Story- Creating a Culture that We Can Count on
  • One Life…One Heart…One Community
  • One Body…One Mind…One You
  • Green Mason Communities- Conscious Designs for our Cities
  • Farm to Table- A Local Economy that Heals

Conference Agenda

8:00am Breakfast and Moon Exchange Shoppe
9:00am Welcome and Housekeeping
9:10am Beauty and Barley…Business Musica
9:40am Guided Meditation followed by Art and Journaling and Community Sharing
10:10am Break
10:30am Keynote
11:00am Live Your Drama Play
11:30am Beauty and Barley… Business Musica
12:00am Lunch
1:00pm Writing for Wellbeing- Journal Prompts, Sharing and Topic Support Group
2:00pm Break
2:20pm Wren Programming
2:50pm Wrap Up

Door prizes are given out in down time between sessions and at end of day.