Balance Point

When we do our meridian work with chair yoga and balance our ambulation center by releasing our hip bones and our joints in our armpits we have the opportunity to come into balance point. Balance point is the place of freedom for the physical body when we are choosing to live a green life but we have to activate it. We have been under the control of Grey. Which is a real person and a lot of followers and practitioners for many, many thousands of years. They have walked us on the Trail of Tears, cut up our bodies, placed our bones on their tongues and their foreheads with their ash ceremonies, withdrawn our blood, weighed and measured our organs, injected us, medicated us and captured our essence that we release when we are burned millions of times. We have never had balance point. Grey has existed since the beginning because before there was life there was metal which is RNA. DNA, the life force system, came when oxygen and hydrogen made water but RNA was a by-product that multiples into more and more grey. And some tribes and professions are full-on grey. So there has always been the opportunity for evil in people’s minds and souls. This is grey. And it is the cults that still try to hurt us every day and even maybe someone you sleep next to or visit every Sunday after church. Grey is also our entire medical, disease-based view of the world. Metal is the basis for every medical research study and every destructive environmental practice. It is the basis for law because religion says we have dominion over the earth and we make metal cheap and we abuse it. It is sacred to the mountain that it is mined from. It is necessary to have metal in the earth but not in our medical prescriptions and they all have it. Every drug is metal-based. And so is every law. Bad metal usage is our whole system of care. So we need a law that prevents the use of metal as a commodity. And we will have it.

Our global balance point is in the Life Roots Healing System and Rootsong Reiki for all of us. And that means we have done our work over lifetimes to be whole or to cause suffering in others. If you are new to this work but you are committed to wellness, you are fine now with us. If you are resisting, we will let you go to your proper place in the justice system as soon as we figure you out because you are a death-eater. You feed on our bones. And we will no longer let you. You call it help. You call it your profession and your work. We already know what that means. And we have the records and the resources available to us to prove it. Long-held records.

Balance point is the new system for every single person. That is all-rights justice. That is law under God. We are asked to stand tall. And so many want to remain shrunken and small. Especially the ones with the most power. I am aware tonight that balance is becoming systemic. This is a big team of people being Wellness Activists world-wide. Resistance is rampant from the communities of people that think they know justice. But justice is the Goddess. And she is the earth. And they can say anything they want to her. And she knows them. Like she knows us. An animal does have a soul and a society. Addiction, even to over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs is not good for wellness. Every drug has the side effect of death, just like eating death does.

Wellness is our tribal root. We love to thrive. Balance is our birthright. I have come so far in the reiki tonight that the reiki is almost healed. Things tend to go in and out. So if it goes out again, it will come back around to a higher level of health and wellness. There is little left for us to do but our Wren and our beauty roots work. Come take the tree, little green wren. You’ve already picked up your penn.