Overcoming Addiction for the Spry Evolution

In the Life Roots tribe we all choose to be spry. That means we are vibrant and full of health. There is such an epidemic of cohosh, pennyroyal, hemp, marijuana, uric acid, apple cider vinegar pills, caffeine pills and lemon flavored smoothie mix for weight loss which is ammonium that the whole world is spinning with dementia. People use pills, tinctures, shakes and suppositories. All of this is basically heroin. This is very addictive and causes intense cravings and lack of control. These herbs cause the brain to bleed. An antidote to use of these products is anise. That’s Panda licorice, Sambuca liqueur, tiger tail cakes and flat coke syrup which used to be called Take-a Boost and Drink-a-Toast (it seems to be available in Mexican markets.) Another antidote is Bach Rescue remedy. You can use Bach stress relief pastilles, Zum oil on hands and feet, Tums, Flintstones chewable children’s vitamins, Vitamin C gummies, essential oil diffusers with good quality essential oils, essential oil candles, foot soaks with hot water and Dr. Teals Epsom salts, chamomile steams with two chamomile teas bags in a pot of hot water that you place a towel over to steam your face. Hask Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner is good to wash the body with for addiction. You can scrub with salt or sugar and a washcloth first and then place some conditioner in the soft area of your rectum as a way to come down and heal. If you are still struggling with cravings after getting treatment you could try singing out loud. Look up songs and lyrics and engage your voice, your heart, and your body. I think what is happening is you are losing your grounding cord. Try singing to get grounded. Green and black iced tea, sweet and unsweet with sugar, Monin cane syrup and honey, plain and with half and half or soymilk are good to consistently flush your system with for cravings and detox. Soymilk or half and half with chocolate syrup and cheese are good for coming down off a high. I like the Ghirardelli syrups. All kinds of hard candies and chocolates are good for distraction and busyness of the mouth. Something to touch in your pocket is also good. A hot toddy with black tea and sugar and lemon juice is also soothing. Chai tea and Gaia golden milk powder with soymilk are good morning beverages. The golden milk will reset your metabolism in about two weeks and you might get hot. Drink it after gentle exercise or before eating. I recommend a metal thermos. I recommend the golden milk with overnight oats, which is rolled oats mixed until coated with plain or vanilla whole milk yogurt and soymilk and topped with maple syrup, almond butter and mixed frozen fruit such as berries and refrigerated overnight. All kinds of Monin syrups with seltzer water are excellent healers of dementia and addiction. Pure fruit puree and great minerals from fresh spring water really work to clear the mind and the overuse of medications. Lyre’s and Seedlip mocktails and non-alcoholic wine and sparkling juice and Orca mixed case bottled sodas are also wonderful beverages. There are all kinds of lovely teas available. These include lady grey, lavender earl grey, assam, ginger peach, jasmine, rose, turmeric ginger, genmaicha, darjeeling and hibiscus. And nettles, alfalfa, oatstraw, passionflower, rose, lemon balm, marshmallow root and lavender in mason jars make a rich earthy tea for great mineral absorption. Marijuana and hops for beer are spinners. Look at the plant shape. It is genetically modified to be addictive and is a ritual plant. Cannibus is designed for cannibal ceremonies. Beer causes blackouts. Alcohol warms the blood like non-alcoholic spirits such as Lyre’s and Seedlip do. Rum, vodka, tequila and all cheap liquor are spinners. Good quality whiskey, mead, wine, port, cordials, Root, Snap and hard cider and hard seltzer are fine but you do not have to drink them. There are plenty of other options available for excellence in beverage.

People are dying from use of Colace and hemp honey mixed with all of the above mentioned over-the-counter supplements. They have nose bleeds and bleeding from the rectum and vagina and penis. Their brains are hemorrhaging. Colace causes seizures. Other people are so severely addicted that eventually they get a toxic overload. Bach’s and these other remedies can bring them out but a drug-free environment at a Wren Treatment Center for six months or more of trauma release treatment and wellness education studies might be the only option for them. This is also available. When people are still having trouble with cravings they can get a pack of menthol cigarettes and take three puffs and then dispose of the cigarette with the ritual described in To Quit Smoking or Drugs. Some people who are addicted might be able to do it in nine weeks at a treatment center or go to the day program or come off through writing and studying this web book but Wren is recommended to deal with underlying issues of trauma for everyone, especially people whose lives are centered on using drugs. Peer Specialists make excellent Wren facilitators and so do officers and former twelve-steppers. Wren facilitators can work and be in treatment at the same time in centers around the world.

But we have more to do to end addiction and be spry than eat licorice and use Bach’s and study Wren. We need spry cars and trucks that end our dependence on oil. Spry paper products that are green. Spry clothing that is environmentally safe and made of excellent quality. This is a concept that people like. We can have green products that are designed to heal instead of harm. Choose to be spry. Lighten up your load. Dedicate yourself and your work to wellness for yourself and the earth. Spry is you and I. We evolve the planet. One purchase and one choice at a time. Use your buying power for beauty and health. Be abundantly wealthy. You can figure this out. I am getting more and more spry. Aging is no longer necessary for any of us except children. Go now, join the living economy. Shop a little. Buy a nest from amazon for your writing desk. By a zen stacking rocks sculpture and an orchid while you are at it. Think carefully about each purchase. And think carefully about everything else you ingest. Indigestion is caused by poor quality lifestyle choices. Let’s digest healthfully. Let’s nourish and protect. Let’s belong again and again to the living economy. We all have this option. Let’s choose to use it today.