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Welcome to Mind Roots®!

Do you see things others don’t see?

Do you hear things others don’t hear?

Are you a shaman, a mystic, a healer, a priest, a priestess, a yogi, an ancient one, a seer, a master?

And has the world told you that you can’t be these things because who you are really is a person who is mentally ill? Or have you just been getting through, not really living, being something you are not called to be?

Do you feel lost and broken?

Do others see you that way?

Have you lost everything you held dear, including your most essential self?

I have been there.

And I have found a way out.

I believe in you.

I know you have amazing gifts to offer the world.

And I know that you are a healer on a healing journey.

If your soul is calling you to do more than stay in the lost and broken places then it is time for you to answer its call.

If you are called to live beyond the limits that the world is constantly imposing on us then you know exactly who you are. A master in the making.

The world so desperately needs you.

I can’t promise you the journey will be simple.

But I can promise you it will lead you to the only place you ever need to go.

Home. To the quiet place that lives inside of your heart where miracles come from.

To the place where your most clear and beautiful self resides.

And once you find that place… your most clear and beautiful life awaits you.

Join me in a journey where no one has been before.

Join me in a journey to you.

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