Mind Roots®-Individual Coaching

Find-Your-Roots Individual Coaching Packages with Beth Gager

Dive deep into the center of who you are through the full experience of being coached into your most clear and beautiful life. Are you rootless, ungrounded, afraid of your power? Work with me one on one for a period determined by you to send your roots deep into the ground so that you can live fully from your power and your purpose.  If you are longing to do what is yours to do and to see yourself as the gift to yourself and to the world that you truly are I can hold a sacred, insightful and deeply grounded place for you to be held by.

My commitment to you when you sign up for any of my coaching programs is that I will hold sacred space for you that  supports you and holds you not just while I am in your presence but always.  Joining my coaching program is not a temporary action of your limited self, it is a sacred act of infinite belonging to the tribe of ancient ones that are here to transform the consciousness of the earth. I connect to this tribe intentionally and repeatedly through my spiritual practices of meditation, dance, writing, being in nature and being present with the people who I love in my life, and that includes you. I am available to you in the deepest of ways and I commit to holding our connection with my roots.


Acorns- Get coached by me for One Month to find inspiration, direction and a deeper connection with the quiet place that lives in your heart. If you are not sure where you are going or why where you have been or where you are right now matters we can uncover the truth of the green shoots of your soul together, no matter how much soil they have been buried under. This package is for you if you are looking for a way to get centered and more deeply connected with your truth so you can focus and begin movement towards what you love. 

TendrilsGet coached by me for Three Months to begin radiating your light outward by making the inward connections you need to thrive. If you know that you are ready to commit to your own most clear and beautiful life right now we can put our intentions toward answering the call that has been singing to you from your soul. This package is for you if you are looking for making changes in the structure of your life and want support for aligning with your core truth. 

TaprootsGet coached by me for Six Months to create deep roots for your power and your calling through your own personal awakening. If you are deeply committed to being the truth of who you are in the world we can explore and ground this commitment together. Your life is meant to be one of deep satisfaction and joy. Who you are in your center is so magical, so powerful, and so beautiful and the world needs you to honor that truth. This package is for you if you are ready to send your roots as deep as they can go  into the richness of your own magnificent life   

Changing Seasons Join the Mind Roots® Tribe For Life! By paying a one-time fee you will have unlimited access to discounts, new offerings and opportunities as they arise and a life-long connection to the body of work that is Mind Roots®.   I can’t promise that I will live forever but I can promise you that as a member of the Mind Roots® community you will have a place with this work as long as it exists in the world. Your commitment means that you will always be a part of this tribe as it grows and changes. We will grow and change together in this beautiful time of awakening in the world. 

All Packages Include:

3 one hour coaching sessions per month*

Text and email check-ins when you want to feel your roots*

Blog posts delivered to your inbox

A complimentary signed copy of A Rooted Mind

A deck of May You Know Joy meditation cards by Martha Beck Coach Adrienne Edgar

New offerings as they arise

*Not applicable to Changing Seasons