Color Thyme

Rhyme is reason. Reason is the season of the moon.

Moon Rhythms:

The moon weaves blankets of dreams to warm us through our days. She is the mother of all and she loves to share the softness of her ways. To weave the blanket of the web we need color. Color is the rainbow light of the triple goddess system. That is crystal clay and rock. That is blood, earth and bone. That is the sacred poem. Calliope Gaia, clay, the earth. Kali Lakshmi, crystal, the earth moon. Demeter, Owl, Delphinium, rock, the moon in the sky. Justice for all. Life Roots. Body Roots. Heart Roots. Soul Roots. Mind Roots. The One World Wellness Tribe. The reiki center. This is a centering thyme. And we are the rhyme for all eternal time. Eternity is a sistership of goodness and light. A brotherhood of sacred companions. The kindred species web of life.