Color Tribe

We are thrive as a tribe. We are the color root of the earth. We are the way life continuously gives birth. We are the solution to the pollution. Consciousness is to write and draw your colors. Have a way to protect yourself. Draw a picture in your art journal of yourself as whole. Use your chakra system and draw a rainbow green man or a rainbow green woman. Make the Life Roots Healing System through your art. Let Gaia, Calliope, the mother earth heal her reiki through your pen. Sit around and contemplate the moon in your body. Let Kali, Lakshmi be your earth justice now. Let Demeter, Aggie, Minerva be your season of wealth and belonging. Let the other Lakshmi, Mada San, source, be your reason and your season of eternity. Take a sacred vow with your sacred calling and your sacred medicine to deliver yourself to color. Draw it and write it. You are the artista of your own life. Own your piece of the living economy and rhyme your reiki. Be the sacred poem. You are poetica in motion. You are the beauetica potion. You are the healing salve. You are the elixir.