Roots and Visions- Group Coaching

Find-Your-Roots Group Coaching Program with Beth Gager

Where does your magnificent mind take you?
What does your soul really tell you about the world and who you are meant to be inside it?
Do you have visions, beliefs, guides, angels, spirits, totems, synchronicities, mystical experiences that you would love to share and make sense of but that are shut down in some way by the people around you?
Are you a shaman, a healer, a mystic, a visionary, an ancient one, a seer, a priest, a priestess?
Of course you are.
Who knows this but you?
Do you need a safe circle of fellow explorers to discover who you are in your most clear and beautiful self?
Do you want support to be completely grounded in the world and in your life?
Are you ready to claim your medicine, your power, the truth of your purpose?
Put roots to your visions.
Embody the best of who you are for yourself and for the world.
You are here for a reason.
What you experience in your most essential self matters.
And it is okay to talk about the magic and mystery that makes up your life.

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