Green Living Initiative

Green living, green eating and green spending are being supported by the Green Guild. The Green Guild is an international association of conscious citizens. Funding is available to adult citizens who fully support this green sustainability program. The way get funded is to submit a green mason pledge to begin permanently living a green lifestyle. Every green mason activist will submit an Individualized Wellness Plan annually with their taxes beginning in 2023. If you don’t file taxes email the President’s office. People that do not choose to submit a Green Mason Pledge or an Individualized Wellness Plan are funded under the 125 Plan as described.

The following standards are the Green Mason Pledge Contract. You activate yourself by email as a green mason when you file your taxes and submit your Individualized Wellness Plan.

A green mason lifestyle and community are as follows:

A vegetarian diet that includes cheese and no eggs. Animals release adrenalin when they are harmed or killed. This is toxic. They are decomposing in your body. This decomposes you. They have a soul and a society and they are capable of love. Eggs in quantities to sell are only produced when we feed chickens laying feed and chickens die too soon. This is harmful to the chickens. The only way to have a just society and green world free from pandemic and environmental imbalance is to end animal abuse and murder.

No purchasing of Vitamin D, Skim, 2% or 1% milk or hemp milk or rice milk but half and half, heavy cream and other plant milks including soy are encouraged. Regular milk contains pus, blood, hormones, antibiotics and vaccines and Covid/bird flu disease. This is a blood-borne illness and vaccines are pig and human placenta. Half and half has to be produced differently or it spoils. Hemp is marijuana and contains THC, which is addictive and mood altering. Rice milk is produced with bleach. It is easy to eat what you’re used to with vegetarian meats and a lot more. Vegetarian meat is available in bulk online from restaurant supply stores. A vegetarian diet is simple, easy, fun and delicious. There is no reason to eat meat. A chefista is available to coach you. The City Farm to Table Steward can find you a coach.

Supplements, medications, chemicals, computers, old cell phones, tvs, undesirable furnishings, old cars, poisons, appliances, wood and construction materials including old tools should be recycled locally. Programs are being developed for this.

All stewards work for the city and are funded, so they are available to provide free services to residents. Basically, any service you need is provided with quality and without a charge. We still buy groceries and furnishings and clothes and shoes and books and toys and supplies and appliances and building materials and eat at restaurants and go to coffee houses. We have no bills. This is an artista economy. Artists make a lot of money and can sell their wares to us and we love it and they are also funded. But they are doing something extra for beauty that takes dedication and time and skill and creativity. We would never buy anything substandard, and we would never buy from a person that wants to overcharge us. We take our abundance time and our mason lines very seriously. Santa wants us to be selective with our money. So do the angels.

Stream is our online news feed. Journalists and writers can submit articles to the Dalai Lama. Once you submit ten articles you will be password approved or not if your articles are accepted.

Products for beautiful home living can be purchased on ebay as vintage and on Amazon and furniture can be purchased at World Market and local Mennonite sources that can be found with the City Beauty Steward.

Solar cars are free and can be found through the City Car Steward.

Solar work trucks are available to masons and garden stewards through the City Car Steward.

Yard care for city residents can be arranged through the Nell (which is our sacred word for yard and garden and neighborhood) and Garden Steward.

Free, beautiful, old mason homes can be owned by residents with no bills for green living activists by contacting the City Housing Steward.

We will have Young Towns in big beautiful houses in every green mason city where teenagers and young adults can have rooms. Everyone under 18 should have a room in a family home as well, but you are free to go to Young Town to your room with the other kiddos. No matter your age you can be adopted. Contact Thich Nhat Hahn, Tai.

Employment can be found for green living activists with a coach that is arranged for you by the City Job Steward.

School is universal for all citizens no matter their age and can be arranged through the City Education Steward. It is classical education for the earth based learner under the Dalai Lama.

Wellness programming is available to all adults and seniors, including residential trauma release programs through the City Wellness and Empowerment Steward. This is called Wren.

Nutritional counseling, recipe advice and grocery shopping instructions are available through the City Farm to Table Steward.

Unique green business ideas are welcomed and can be activated with funding through the City Business Steward. The business guild is called CAGA- Community Area Green Allies and businesses can share software.

Transformational coaching and music therapy are available to individuals considered developmentally and intellectually disabled or autistic through the City Empowerment and Education Steward. Down’s syndrome is caused by amniocentesis. Down’s survivors have had their tongues cut. This was done because a doctor thought you would choke. No person with Down’s is allowed to nurse. And you are placed on an inferior formula that doesn’t support brain functioning. We know this can heal. In the mean time we need people that are voice hearers or people with depression, which is just the grey voice, who are experts in the sight or on a good blue tooth phone to work with them and others that can’t communicate fully with their words out loud. Everyone can talk in the master field, much more fully than ever before. Blue tooth is the reiki sight now. This plan works for people with autism, too. If you have this calling contact Rinpoche. Autism is caused by penicillin overdosing. Autistic people hear the screaming of trees and animals with their heightened senses and it often comes as a noise they can’t bear in their heads. The world is a painful place for a lot of beings and everything has a voice. We are the sacred listeners. Quite noisy, isn’t it? People hear this pain. It is normal to react to it and it shuts us way down. I call Down’s survivors and autistic people the artistica. They are all sensitive artists. There is nothing wrong with them, really. But they are eating meat that is an animal with a soul and it doesn’t work. We can’t find any vegetarian children or adults that are autistic. We can all call ourselves downs. We are soft and sweet. And we are light as feather when we stick together. Let’s get real about art and music for our most sensitive reiki masters of sound and holy communion. To get out of attack read Self Harm as the New Sacred Medicine and Roots without a Substance under Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency. Our coaching and independent living program for the artistica is called Amber Grace…Creating an Old-fashioned Home in a New-fashioned Way. If you are an Amber Grace coach or want to offer your home as a Home Coach contact the Rinpoche.

For people who are natural guards and have been in gangs and cults we need room guards. These stewards sit with the ones that don’t know how to sit with themselves yet. They follow the code. The code is well mason. And the code is green. You can be the bull elephants of the tribe that keep the unruly adolescents in check.

International Green Mason Guilds and Worker’s Unions can be accessed through the City Guild Steward. He is the municipal mason in charge of connections to the mason community.

Masons are encouraged to contact the City Guild Steward to receive information about green initiatives that are starting in the city to revitalize, rejuvenate, refurbish, demolish and restore properties to an international beauty standard with an apprenticeship program for new and learning masons.

Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD studies are available through community colleges and mason colleges through the City Empowerment and Education Steward. People that are children, elders or shut-ins without access to vehicles or home help for creating a green living space can receive help through a Community Steward including adoption for children and people needing education that have been considered disabled through the City Community Steward Office.

Bird feeding can be arranged by contacting the City Bird Steward.

Home signage that says garden is open, fresh bread and butter inside, tea thyme, open house today and other creative ideas can be ordered through the City Signage Steward.

The Green Living Initiative is designed to create a safe, just, beautiful, thriving, sustainable world. We include people in this initiative that are from all cultures, all backgrounds and all walks of life. A lot of people are not capable of following this program. Please keep this in mind to protect yourself and your true family. Family is available to you among green living activists. We are the next evolution of humanity. And that means we have to be green. The world can’t be anything else any longer. We have everything written but we haven’t done the work. The work is fun, communal and exciting. If you are called, join our team. We welcome you home to the tribe.

If you have no idea what I am talking about and can’t figure out what to do you check with the people you trust. This is a hidden movement. But it is real. Talk to God as much as you can through writing and follow the next step and the next one. We will come to you or you will come to us. Be a pass it along. Email someone you know and trust. The Pan Revolution is upon us.