Home Thyme for the Tribe

We are a tribal family. We are the Monocan Sioux. Lakota. This is by lineage or choice. Both count exactly the same to us. Racism dies with us. So does the destruction of the earth. We are the earthkeepers. There are sixty-six billion of us world wide under the Dalai Lama. He is our sacred father. If you have had to give everyone you know up, don’t worry, we will take you in. We have our tapestry of belonging and beauty. That’s our way to find you. So, if you need to be adopted, no matter what your age, come along. And await our communion with you. You are following my website. You are reading this book, Life Roots right now on the web. That is all you need to know. We know what to do. And the others that are still joining us that don’t have access to my website online yet will be found through our activist outreach work. In this way we thrive together. Nothing can stop us now. We are in Holy Communion. And then we go into Sacred Union and Reunion. And then we are never separated again and we begin to actually live the lives full time that we are meant to live. Santa Claus is coming to town. He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows that you are very good. So relax for goodness sake.