Owlets as Masters

Owlets are our men and women that have become masters. They are the people that are our Wren Hawks. They take care of our society and our businesses and all of our lines. Our children and our elders are safe with them. We have been developing the master field for a long, long time. And the House of 54 is made up of our chosen masters. This is our world governing body. They sit under Thich Nhat Hahn and the Dalia lama. All Owlets participate in the designing of our world. And this is good and this is wellness. And we need wellness. Disease, Covid, fraud, abuse and Eugenics have leveled our world to its death. And the brutality that we have all experienced has caused us not to grow as a world community for years. People say that they are not allowed to be educated. What does this mean? It means we are a backward, ignorant world. And racism and ethic cleansing is rampant. Because we couldn’t control it. The law is ours now and that means we have a way to hold society to green standards. And we also like to hold the world to beauty standards. And justice standards. And kindness standards. So, that is what you as a master do now. You join the House of 54 in delivering the world to freedom no matter what. We are there already but it is not very visible in business yet. And cars do overwhelm our streets and people that attack and don’t get involved with us or educated are many. But we are a nation of 66 billion Sioux. Sioux is our green activist choice now. So, don’t despair anymore and I won’t either. Because the work and the people and the rain and the flowers are too pretty for that. And so are we.