The House of 54

All of our world leaders have a gathering place under Thich Nhat Hahn and the Dalai lama. Our world leaders come from many countries. They are called the House of 54. They oversee world law. Justice comes swiftly when we have officers. The whole entire world has been under fraud especially with Covid and Eugenics. Fraud isn’t justice. But universal education is. The lines of justice are in. We hold them in our mason lodges. Our mason lodges are places to determine what happens next for the world. We have green tenets that we follow. And we have a code called the Resiliency Room statement. We have developed a Men’s Cultural Studies program at Mountain College and a Women’s Cultural Studies program at Jade College under Dakon University. Men’s culture is the way of the business community. This program that we have developed requires all masons that are PhD’s in Men’s Culture studies to be certified in Wren and the Twelve Steps of Resiliency. This means we take wellness to our people and our boys are really raised as men. We have the way that the women can raise our girls in complete safety and beauty and teach them our new and old traditions. We have a Political Studies program at World College that we are requiring all our current and future world political leaders to attend. This means we have a standard that we follow that is non-negotiable for anyone in office. We have an Officer’s Academy for our officers and our lawyers at Clear Life College. We have a program for Herbalist Medical Doctors and Pharmacists at Apothecary College that leaves behind disease based and greed based culture and centers us on wellness. We have a program for Midwives at Blessing Way College that will take care of our women and babies in birth. We have Thomas Jefferson’s Academic Villages and we have residential colleges for all ages. We have homeschooling for our children based on Wren. We are developing the world wide system of goodness and truth. This means we are truly gathering together as masters. We are the world. And the world is going to justice and beauty. The last step of the Twelve Steps of Resiliency is The Way. We are coming into the place where we have designed all the steps. And we are activating them. Action like this is pure poetica. Pure artista. Pure beauetica. Pure magic and belonging. We get closer to God every day. Let’s hold on to the way.